Denver Urban Dog Backpack Fitting Instructions

Outward Hound Urban Pack Backpack for Dogs

shiba inu wearing a dog backpack

The Denver Urban Pack by Outward Hound is our chicest style backpack for dogs great for everything from farmers market visits to long hikes. It’s a saddlebag-style dog backpack that allows your pup to comfortably carry extra gear and essentials while on-the-go!

This stylish and light-capacity pack is constructed with breathable mesh for airflow and adjustable straps to keep your dog comfortable and cool while strolling through the town, on a day hike in the backcountry, or walking in the park.

Two large expandable pockets and two smaller zip pockets are held securely by side buckles. The pockets are collapsible when not filled to capacity. When you’re ready to roll, simply attach your pup’s leash to the D-Ring attachment point and go!

This dog backpack is available in different sizes to fit both small dogs and large dogs. With a total of four side pockets for storage, it fits all your essentials in a fashionable yet practical way that’s comfortable for your pooch. You can also use it as a dog hiking backpack that has plenty of room for food, water bottles, poop/waste bags, training accessories and more.

A Step-By-Step Guide to Fitting the Denver Urban Pack Dog Backpack

  • Unbuckle body buckles and un-velcro tabs to fully extend straps.
  • Un-thread center belly strap from sternum strap loop.
  • Center the top of the pack to your dog’s back. The pack should sit close to the base of your dog’s neck.
  • Step your dog’s front right leg through the front right loop.
See step through image above
  • Wrap the chest panel and secure buckle. Tighten chest straps keeping chest panel centered.
See sternum panel above
  • Wrap the back belly panel to secure the back buckle to the back left slip pocket.
  • Thread the center belly strap through the sternum strap loop that provides the best fit for your dog.
Find the best fit above
  • Tighten straps around the girth of your dog, keeping belly panel centered. You should be able to fit 4 fingers between the straps and your dog’s body.
  • Roll all loose strap ends towards the buckles and secure all rolled ends to the straps using the Velcro tabs.
Secure loose straps above

Remember not to fill the pack with more than 20% of your dog’s body weight.

Clip the leash attachment to the d-ring, and now you’re ready for backpacking fun!

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The Denver Urban Pack, pet carriers, dog carrier backpacks, and our DayPak dog backpacks by Outward Hound can be found on our website, Amazon, or your local pet store.