Calming Pet Beds Now Available at Outward Hound

We are proud to announce that Best Friends by Sheri, home of the original calming dog bed, has joined the Outward Hound family this year.

The anti-anxiety dog bed that consistently ranks No. 1 on multiple “best calming dog bed” top picks lists joins our award-winning line of pet products. And now, these luxuriously soft faux fur dog and cat beds are finally available to shop at!

This blog post will cover all of our new offerings in the dog bed category from shag donut cuddler beds, cat beds, pet huts, nap mats, and cozy blankets for your furry friend.

We are going to break down the following calming pet beds and accessories:

  1. Calming Donut Pet Bed
  2. Cuddle Cup
  3. Deep Dish Cuddler
  4. Pet & Meow Hut
  5. 2-in-1 Honeycomb Hut Cuddler
  6. Cozy Cuddler Mason Dog & Cat Beds
  7. Ilan Throne Pet Bed
  8. Sherpa Pet Throw Blanket
  9. Nap Mat

1. The Original Calming Donut Dog Bed

calming dog bed model

This is the bed that started it all. Reader’s Digest said the “super-soft filling is ideal for cuddling up on, and extra nice for dogs with arthritis and hip problems.” The American Kennel Club called it “The Best Dog Bed for Cuddlers.”

And when your dog sees it being removed for the packaging, “…prepare for a moment of love at first sight,” said the Today Show.

What makes Best Friends by Sheri calming orthopedic dog beds so special? Well, every facet of its design was tailored to create a sense of security and comfort. The raised rim, self-warming fabric, deep crevices, and donut shape of these beds create an environment where pets can feel safe.

“The enclosed design can create a sense of security, especially for anxious dogs,” veterinarian Dr. Leilani Alverez of New York City’s Animal Medical Center told Today. “Plus, the fabric is scrumptiously soft, like snuggling with a warm fuzzy blanket!”

Dr. Jennifer Coates, veterinarian, and author at PetMD, says it’s a great choice for aging pets. “Cold temperatures tend to worsen stiffness and pain, and the extra warming provided by a well-insulated bed reflects a pet’s body heat back towards them,” said Dr. Coates.

“This can be beneficial for dogs and cats with arthritis and other orthopedic problems. The warm bedding is especially beneficial for skinny, elderly cats since they tend to heat-seek and have trouble maintaining their body temperature.”

The Original Calming Pet Bed is available in sizes small (23″ x 23″), medium (30″ x 30″), large (36″ x 36″), and extra-large (45″ x 45″), so there’s a perfect-sized calming dog bed for small dogs, medium dogs, and large dogs alike. Neutral colors include taupe, frost, cotton candy pink, and dark chocolate brown to match anybody’s home decor.

2. Cuddle Cup

calming pet bed cuddle cup

Cats and small dogs like Chihuahuas especially love this calming pet bed. Made for tight snugglers, the extra high walls and overstuffed bottom enclose your cat or dog to provide maximum comfort and support. The entire bed is like a big warm hug for your furbaby.

3. Deep Dish Cuddler Dog Bed

deep dish cuddler pet bed

The Deep Dish Cuddler is similar to the Cuddle Cup, only the lower-front part of the walls has a curved design for extra head and neck support. The tall rear bolster wall eases stiffness and joint tension so your dog or cat can be comfy and well-rested.

4. Novelty Pet Huts & Meow Huts

novelty pet hut

For a bed with added personality, Best Friends by Sheri calming pet beds are available in fun little hut styles. Small dogs and cats love the 360-degree coverage of cave beds. Between the privacy and whimsical design, your cat or dog will have a special shelter all their own.

The vegan fur Meow Huts are perfect hideaways for cats. The cat-ear design is made with a durable memory foam construction that is flexible, lightweight, and easy to manage. Both the Meow Huts and Novelty Pet Huts come with removable foam base inserts for quick clean-ups.

meow hut for cats

5. 2-in-1 Honeycomb Hut Cuddler

This high-quality pet hut turns into a comfy cuddler bed in seconds! The raised edges collapse to transform from an enclosed warm bed to an extra-supportive open bed design. It’s two beds in one! This calming dog bed is perfect for small breeds that want to get the best of both worlds.

cat in a pet hut

6. Cozy Cuddler Mason Dog & Cat Beds

Designed for anxious dogs, the Cozy Cuddler pet bed comes with an attached blanket cover for your pup to burrow under. Like all of our beds, the ultra-soft faux fur is designed to be reminiscent of a mother’s coat, creating a sense of security and warmth.

cozy cuddler pet bed

7. Ilan Throne Pet Bed

Your dog or cat can be king of the castle in the Best Friends by Sheri Pet Throne. It’s most similar to the Deep Dish Cuddler, only there is an opening at one section of the high walls. This makes it easier for less agile pets to get in and out of the bed.

throne pet bed

8. Sherpa Throw Blanket

These sherpa pet blankets are just like the calming dog beds, but in blanket form! These neutral-colored blankets provide the self-warming, soothing soft feel of calming pet beds without the “bed” part. Perfect for couch sleepers and on-the-go travel.

pet blanket

9. Nap Mat

Does your dog prefer a traditional pet bed without walls? Then a nap mat is perfect for the pup that likes to stretch out. The high-density CertiPUR foam of the nap mats allows even weight distribution that supports achy joints. The orthopedic dog mats come in soft vegan shag fur, velvet, corduroy, and textured microfiber fabrics.

calming pet bed

Washing Your Calming Pet Bed

In addition to anti-anxiety features, all Best Friends by Sheri products are machine washable for easy cleaning and come with water-resistant and dirt-resistant bottoms.

The smaller beds can be put in the washing machine in their entirety, while the large size beds come with removable covers. Note: do not air dry the shag fur washable covers or beds in order to prevent matting. Simply tumble dry on low heat. Fluff to distribute orthopedic foam fibers.

cat snuggling in blanket

Checkout Best Friends by Sheri calming pet beds on our website, Amazon, and Made in Los Angeles with pet-safe materials, love, and care.

New colors and styles coming soon!