3 Benefits of Chewing for Puppies

Is there anything happier than a puppy with a favorite chew toy? If you’ve ever watched a puppy gnaw away in bliss, you know the happiness that is a pup. The great thing is, you can leave long-lasting dental toys for puppies when you work from home to keep them occupied for a time.

You may wonder why puppies like to chew so much and if there are any dental health benefits of chewing for puppies.

It turns out there is.

Dogs explore the world with their mouths. Can you imagine going around and putting everything in your mouth to discover more about it? It would be strange if people did it. Yet, that’s the way dogs behave.

They don’t outgrow it either. Not really. Dogs of all ages like to chew things. But puppies are especially prone to testing their new teeth on nearby items. Squeaky toys. The squeakers from said squeaky toys. Your favorite pair of shoes. The couch. Uh oh. You can find a variety of otherwise off-limits items in your dog’s mouth.

This is why investing in dog toys for chewing is key for your puppy’s overall health and development. Let’s take a closer look.

Benefits of Chewing for Puppies

benefits of chewing for puppies

When you think about the pain of teething and the sheer energy of teething puppies, it’s clear that dog chew toys can provide relief. As a result, dog owners should consider what kind of doggie chew meets their puppy’s needs. 

Here are three main reasons why chewing is essential for your puppy’s oral health.

1. Relieves teething pain

Dog dental care starts in puppyhood. Puppy teeth come in early. When they’re as young as 2 or 3 weeks, their baby teeth come in and they want to taste and nip at everything. Then, at 3-4 months old, those baby teeth fall out making way for the adult teeth.

As you probably know, when teeth push through the gums, it hurts. Durable rubber chew toys with nubs can help relieve the pain by massaging the gums. The pup can control how hard or soft they chew and where they chew, depending on the soreness. In a way, it’s kind of like how you can control rubbing a sore muscle on your body.

2. Reduces boredom

Just like young children, puppies are easily bored. Also, like young children, they’ll find something to do when left to their own devices. That something will often be something you don’t want them to do. 

For example, there was one time my friend’s lab/pittie mix spent a joyous day relieving the couch cushions of their stuffing. When she came home from work to the mess, her pup was sitting proudly among the mess.

Chewy dog toys, interactive dog toys, and plenty of daily exercise can help prevent such destructive behavior.

3. Chewing keeps your dog’s teeth clean

Clean teeth = healthy mouth. Besides redirecting your dog’s natural chewing tendencies, dog dental chews can help with dental care and bad breath.

Dental chew toys help your dog’s teeth stay cleaner by scraping plaque and tartar buildup off, which helps prevent periodontal disease. Some of the best dog toys for chewing come with bristles or are infused with enticing flavors like chicken flavor, bacon flavor, or even peanut butter.

Check out some of Petstages’ options for dog chews for dental hygiene. Some come in 2-packs, which are great for multi-pet households.

What type of chew makes sense for your puppy?


The best dog chew depends on the size and age of your dog. After all, a small dog like a Chihuahua has different needs than a large dog with strong, heavy-duty jaws like a Mastiff. You’ve probably seen very large chew toys for example, which would be too much for your small pup. Too small of a chew bone dog toy for a large breed dog is a choking hazard. 

You need to take into consideration the durability of a chew toy. Aggressive chewers should stay away from less-durable toys for playtime like rope toys, tennis balls, or plush toys. Give those chompers a sturdy classic dog toy for chewing like an antler, safe wishbone/dog bone, or kong toy. Those guys need the toughest extreme dog toys. From a nylabone to benebone, there’s a level of chew for every dog.

Now that you know the benefits of chewing for puppies, how will you encourage them to chew on a puppy chew toy? 

Dental Toys & Teething Toys for Puppies

While dental toys can never replace a dog toothbrush or toothpaste, they can help freshen your dog’s breath and remove plaque from your pet’s teeth. Here are some great options for your pooch.

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