4 Stylish Dog Beds That Won’t Clash with Your Decor

Best Friends by Sheri’s famously neutral colorways were made to go with anyone’s home decor. In addition to making stylish dog beds, Best Friends’ minimalist pet beds are thoughtfully designed to maximize comfort.

Style meets function

corgi snuggling in bed and blanket

Dog owners and cat parents alike rave about the original Donut Cuddler, which is made with vegan shag fabric, high-quality fill, and raised edges that envelop your furry friend in softness.

The self-warming properties of the faux fur luxury dog bed help create a calming feeling that reduces stress and allows for deeper rest. The raised rim is perfect for dogs that like to curl up and snuggle. All orthopedic dog beds are made with lofty polyfill or memory foam base to ease older dogs’ joints when they step in. Bases are dirt and water-resistant, and all beds are safe to machine wash and dry!

1. Classic Donut Pet Bed

poodle in stylish dog bed

This calming dog bed is a fan favorite not just because it’s machine washable or because your pooch will have a seriously good night’s sleep, but because the neutral colorways make it the perfect bed in any room.

With a range of large sizes and small sizes suitable for small dogs and big doggies, these are some of the best dog beds out there. The small size can be thrown in the washing machine whole and the large dog bed sizes come with removable covers. Simply unzip and toss the washable cover in the machine!

Psst … extra-large size coming soon!

2. Cozy Ilan Cuddle Cup

cuddle cup stylish dog bed

Super-soft and perfect for snuggling, these luxury cuddler dog beds are overstuffed to give the cozy factor an extra boost! The round shape allows animals to curl up while the high-wall design helps create a feeling of safety, promoting more restful sleep, and supporting better health and behavior.

3. Deep Dish Sherpa Cuddler

dog in a dog bed

By providing warmth and a sense of security with its high walls and cozy wool-like body, each sherpa dog sofa bed provides a comfy environment your pet won’t want to leave!

4. Nap Mat

dog shedding season

These orthopedic memory foam dog beds provide joint-easing comfort for your dog. The covers on the foam mattress have zippers so you can easily swap for a new cover between washes or when you want a new look. Nap mats are a great choice for rectangular dog crates.

Stylish Dog Beds for the Modern Dog Parent

dog on a calming dog bed

Pet parents don’t have to compromise style for function when it comes to pet products. While your little four-legged lounger doesn’t care what your home decor DIY accent pieces look like, they’re just happy to have a luxuriously comfy place to rest.

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