May the Fourth Be With You: Dog and Cat Puns for Star Wars Day

In honor of Star Wars Day, we humbly present this list of fun wordplay to impress your fur-riends and family with (or distress, depending on how they feel about puns).

May the Fourth be with you!

star wars day

What does Luke Dogwalker do for a living?

Ewoks the dogs!


What did Jabba the Mutt say to his henchmen?

“Bring me Solo and the cookie.”


How come Lando Catrissian is still single?

He was looking for love in Alderaan places.


What do you call a puppy Jedi-in-training?

A pawdawan.


What spaceship do Han Solo and Chewbarka fly?

The Mlem-lenium Falcon.


What’s the best search engine for Star Wars trivia?



What game do Mandalorians like to play?

Boba Fetch.


What kind of car does Obi-Wan drive?

A Toyoda.


What side of the force is Dog Vader drawn to?

The bark side.

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Happy Star Wars Day! You’re welcome.