25 Dogs Dressed Up For Christmas

It wouldn’t be the holidays without adorable photos of dogs dressed up for Christmas

dogs dressed for holiday
pc: gretskis

From tinsel to lights these dog photos made everything merry & bright!

dogs dressed up for christmas
pc: pugdashians

In case you were in need of more holiday cheer, we pulled 25 of our favorite photos of dogs dressed up for Christmas!

#1. First, we’ll start with this handsome elf, who was very serious about his bow tie, and delivering gifts on time. 

dogs dressed up for christmas
pc: winston the dog

#2. Next, no hike is complete without a jingle bell dog collar- especially when Santa Claus could be coming to town.

dog christmas collars with bells
pc: pennyweiner

#3.  When Pickles the Pug to put everyone’s Christmas Card game to shame. 

dogs dressed up for christmas
pc: @lil_pickles_da_pug

#4. Run, run as fast as you can! This dog is about to eat his new Gingerbread Man!

christmas toys for dogs
pc: @fallon.the.shiba

#5. Did someone order a Reindeer? 

dogs dressed up for christmas
pc: @dazeofdukeandsully

#6. Some of the best gifts, don’t come in packages — like this puppy in a Santa Hat!

dogs dressed up for christmas
pc: @howbearlives

#7.  It’s this guy’s winter wonderland, we’re just living in it.

christmas dog toys
pc: toby_littledude

#8. Annual photo with Santa.

dogs taking photo with santa
pc: hounds_with_different_agendas

#9. Nothing could get in the way of this dog delivering woofmas cheer- not even a little bit of snow!

dogs dressed up for christmas
pc: milothemarleydog

#10. Photo-op with a Penguin? Everything’s possible on Christmas!

penguin dog toys
pc: @gogogiggs

#11. That moment when mom got you and your brother matching Reindeer Antler Headbands.

dogs dressed up for christmas
pc: @ sherlock.n.watson

#12. There’s always somebody that drinks a little too much of the Holiday Eggnog.

dogs ruining christmas
pc: unknown

#13.  In case you were wondering where Santa’s cookies went, there’s a good chance this dog ate them.

santa hat and bell collar for dogs
pc: @cheymagoo

#14. That feeling when you got exactly what you asked Santa Paws for…

cute christmas dog photos
pc: @dublyndoodle

#15.  …and you love your new dog toy so much, you insist on taking a second photo with it.

christmas toys for dogs
pc: @dublyndoodle

#16. When this guy was caught in twinning Elf Hats with his Big Bro!

dogs wearing elf hats
pc: charlie.the.sunshine.dog

#17. Now, the only question is, which toy do you play with first?

dogs with presents under christmas tree
pc: abbeybellacavalier

#18.  When smizing is everything. Especially when you’re posing with your new holiday dog toy!

present dog toy for dogs
pc: 2husketeers

#19.  This dog dressed up for Christmas and was instantly mistaken for a present underneath the Christmas Tree!

dog sitting with presents under tree
pc: @corkeypom

#20. Also, this pre-party selfie with new Antler Headband.

dog wearing antler headband
pc: @_teddysetgo

#21. It looks like someone spotted Santa by the Christmas Tree!

dog dressed up as santa
pc: @grodie.odie

#22. This Elf that left the North Pole in search of warmer weather.

dog wearing elf hat for holiday
pc: @corgiarya

#23.  We can’t forget about these little Pugs who were snug as a bug in a rug…if a king size bed can be considered a rug?

dogs in bed
pc: pugdashians

#24. Then there was this dog who took Christmas Selfie to a whole new woofderful level.

dog wearing santa hat
pc: @lokiofmn

#25. And last, but certainly not least, who was caught waiting so patiently to open his presents!

dog wearing elf headband
pc: @its.momo.time

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