We Love Our Amazing Co-Woofers

In a dog-friendly office, our furry co-woofers are just as much a part of the team as our human co-workers. We wanted you to get to know the office-regulars so you can love them as much as we do!

*Note – these are not all or nearly close to all the animals part of the Outward Hound family. We hope to be able to share all our animal co-woofers (canine and not) with you all soon. 



Woof and hello! My name is Arrow and I am 2.5 years old. My humans tell me I am a Golden Retriever/German Shepherd mix but they don’t seem totally sure when they say it… Anyways, I’ve been one of the co-woofers at Outward Hound since I was 11 weeks old and have learned a lot during my time – I learned I love Outward Hound Squeaker Balls, the Xtreme Seamz are super tough to chomp on, and strangers aren’t actually as scary as I thought they were! In my free time, I like finding BIG sticks to carry home with me (even though Mom makes me leave them outside), playing with my best friend, Stella, and of course eating – a girl’s gotta eat, right?!

Meet our office dogs

Archer & Moxie

Greetings. My name is Archer and this is my little sister, Moxie. Moxie showed up a little over a year ago and I’m still debating if I like her or not. If she would just stop following me around everywhere, we would be great – a boy needs his space! Some of my favorite hobbies include going to the park with Mom and Dad, swimming, and jumping in Dad’s lap when I need attention. Moxie’s favorite hobby is annoying me. However, we have bonded over our mutual dislike for cats, squirrels, or just pretty much any small, fast animal. We also both like when dad feeds us chicken & when we get to play with our favorite toys – the Cordiez Trout & Liver Branch!

Meet our office dogs
Moxie (left), Archer (right)


Hi, everyone! My name is Blu and I am one of the newest hires here at Outward Hound. My birthday is later this month and I’m going to be 1-year-old! I am a black Labrador retriever and am still learning the ins and outs here at OH (aka Outward Hound) but am loving making all these new friends! Since joining the team, the humans tell me I’ve become one of the best toy-testers. I don’t know what they’re talking about since it seems like I’m just playing but hey, I’ll take it! When I’m not at work, I like going on walks and hikes with my humans, playing in the snow, and chasing balls! Dad says I’m too obsessed with my tennis balls & toys, but he’s the one that keeps giving me new toys so really, who is the obsessed one?

Meet our office dogs

Branch & Clancy

Howl-dy, folks! My name is Clancy & that’s my little *BIG* brother, Branch. I say that he’s my big brother because he’s a 110-pound Great Pyrenees/Mastiff/German Shepherd mix. But he’s 1 and I’m 3 so Mom says I’m still his big brother. I think Branch is the biggest dog in the office, I’m a lab mix so am not as quite as big as he is. Branch makes a lot of friends easily; the humans sometimes say he’s a gentle giant…whatever that means? I am a little more shy but warm up pretty quickly once you get to know me. At work, Branch likes his Hide-a-Squirrel and the extra-large Hedgehogz (he even posed with them in the picture below – can you say obsessed?) I like the Planet Dog Luna ball & Deerhorn the best. When we’re not working, we both enjoy chasing squirrels, eating carrots (when the humans let us) and going on long walks with each other.

Meet our office dogs
Clancy (left), Branch (right)


Henlo, furrends. My name is Echo & I just turned 1-year old! I’ve been one of the co-woofers at Outward Hound since I was just a kid and have loved getting to make new friends and play with all the toys – there’s so many toys! Some of my favorites are the Scruffles Moose & Planet Dog Snoop (I love when the humans fill them with the Sweet Potatoes – yummy!). When I’m not at work, I like to go back-country skiing with my humans. I recently got hurt on a covered tree, so Mom said I have to take the rest of the season off just to be safe but I can’t wait for the next time we get to go! I also like jumping into the river, swimming, and finding sticks. Sticks are the best.

Meet our office dogs


Well, hi there! I’m Harley and I am also a 1-year old Golden Retriever. Echo and I were hired as co-woofers at Outward Hound around the same time and still, no one can tell us apart! I get it though, we both are super cute, love attention, and did I mention, super cute? At work, I love testing the toys for the humans, doggy yoga on Wednesday’s (we’ve been doing it on the computer lately – it’s super weird), & getting all the treats! My favorite is fresh banana and peanut butter, but Mom says I only get that when I’m a good girl. I don’t get it, I’m always a good girl?! In my free time, I love taking naps in the hammock in the back yard, camping with Mom and Dad & doing somersaults in the grass.


Lewis & Walter

To whom it may concern, my name is Walter and this is my little brother Lewis. I am the Black Lab and Lewis is the Chocolate. Mom and Dad brought him home about 4 years ago but I’ve been around for 9. I am a rather serious dog. With all the young-ins showing up in the office, I have to make sure everyone knows the rules and processes here at Outward Hound. This new generation is sure hard to train *sigh*. I like watching Mom’s every move, taking naps and I hate it when you touch my feet. Lewis is more relaxed in his younger age than I. He loves to play fetch, chomping on ice cubes, and cuddling with anyone but mostly with Dad. I keep trying to tell him he is too big to get into your lap but he doesn’t listen.

Lewis (left), Walter (right)


Bonjour! My name is Melody and I am a French Bulldog. I think I am almost 5 since my birthday is coming up soon – HBD to me!! In my free time, I love cuddling with my humans, napping in the sun, begging for popcorn and taking walks to the mailbox. But only if it’s warm enough – don’t think you’re getting me outside when it’s cold! In the office, I like knocking over my toy bin and making a mess for mom, chomping on my Planet Dog Raspberry (it’s my favorite, can you tell below?), and escaping to go say hi to my friends in Accounting. Sometimes the humans give me special, new toys and I love testing them out – I need to earn my keep among my co-woofers somehow!



Hi Everyone, my name is Norman. I’m a seasoned office veteran of about 4+ years, and although I hail from New Mexico, my ancestry is of German descent. A few favorite hobbies of mine include mentoring new office dogs, monitoring all puppy play time, and lately they’ve even give me the title of office “Fun Police”, as I like to break up any fun time that gets too loud, rowdy, or interferes with my routine naps. Since being in lock-down, things have definitely been a little weird. I miss my office buddies and all my fellow co-woofers. But the worst part? My hoomans recently brought home a new sister, pictured with me here, named Ella. She is only 5 months old, so, needless to say, I now have to regulate at home all the time too. Never a day off in the life of Norm. At least I still have my three favorite things; My tennis balls, my humans and my greenies.

Ella (left), Norman (right)


Hi Friends! My name is Stella and Mom says I’m a Border Collie/German Shepherd mix. I am almost 3 years old and have been a co-woofer here since I was about 10 weeks old. I’ve made a lot of friends here and love getting into trouble with them – stealing the humans’ lunch from their desks, opening the doors & gates to help my friends escape, begging for treats – you name it! When I’m at the office, I love to sleep in the bookshelves and run around with my BFF Arrow. I’ve had a crunch on Norman since my first day – he wasn’t sold at first but I’ve slowly snuck my way into his good graces.  When I’m at home with Mom, I love to play in the snow, go for runs and hikes, chew on sticks, and play with all my favorite Nina Ottoson puzzles – they’re so fun! Mom has been letting me play with them a lot more lately since quarantine started. It keeps me busy during the day while she’s working but I still miss all my friends at the office. I can’t wait until we all get to be reunited!


Vega & Lana

Woof! My name is Vega and this is my niece Lana. I am 3 years old and Lana is 1 – she still has the puppy energy and it is exhausting to me. Thankfully, after a day full of “working” at the office, she is usually pretty tired when we get home and leaves me alone. We are Rhodesian Ridgebacks and none of the humans in the office can really tell us apart – I don’t get it, she’s a girl and I’m a boy! We recently moved to Colorado with our humans and have loved exploring the mountains on all our hikes! At work, we like testing out the new toys/treats like the Mint Dogwood and zooming around the Product Development department. Sometimes, all that “work” can really be overwhelming and we have to take long naps under the desks.


Waffles & Savannah

Hello, everyone! My name is Waffles and I am a 2-year old Golden Retriever. Dad says I’m not that good at retrieving for a Retriever, but I still love chasing balls and all my toys. I’ve been so happy since Dad has started letting me work at the office as one of the Outward Hound co-woofers. I love getting to know all the humans, getting lots of pets and treats. I’ve also been meeting a ton of new friends, oh and did I say getting treats?! When I’m not at work, I watch my humans. I hate when they leave the room without me. I know they usually sneak away when they’re eating the tastiest snacks so I MUST follow them everywhere. This is also my sister Savannah. She used to stay with Grandma and Grandpa, but she’s been staying with us recently. She’s a feisty little one but knows how to get her way! Mom keeps talking about getting me another sister and naming her Chicken. I don’t really get it…Dad said he isn’t sure about having dogs named Chicken and Waffles, but I think would like it!

Waffles (left), Savannah (right)

Our Co-Woofer Conference Call

Even though we can’t wait to see each other again, we’re still happy we can virtually meet in the meantime! We did a Zoom meeting with all our furry (and feathery) friends! Check it out:

Show us your co-woofers during quarantine – tag us in your Instagram posts @outwardhound and use the hashtag #Cowoofers to be featured in our weekly Co-Woofers Round Up!

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