The Best Puppy Teething Sticks for Those Baby Chompers

If you don’t know what to expect from a teething puppy, prepare yourself. Between one to three weeks of age, your new puppy is going to put his mouth on everything within its reach from your furniture and hands to your favorite pair of shoes. The good news is that with the right products like puppy teething sticks and chew toys, you can redirect your pup’s chewing to something more appropriate.

Why are puppies so mouthy? Well, they’re teething. This means that your dog’s baby teeth are gradually falling out to make room for adult teeth, which causes sore gums and mild discomfort. When you see your puppy chew on something, they are relieving the soreness.

By around six months of age, they should have all if not most of their permanent adult teeth.

Dog Toys & Chews for Teething Pups

puppy chewing on the best toys for puppies

Keep in mind when choosing a long-lasting dog chew or teething toy is your dog’s size. A toy that is too small for a large breed presents a choking hazard. Small breeds with toys that are too large can’t make much use of it.

Avoid giving your puppy rawhide, hard bully sticks, or a dog chew toy that is meant for adult dogs. If you go with a Kong toy to stuff puppy teething treats in, make sure it’s the kind specifically made for puppies, not adult dogs.

Most importantly, always supervise during playtime!

1. Cool Teething Stick

This puppy teething stick by Petstages is a popular solution for teething puppies and dogs with inflamed gums. The bright cotton-poly blend fabric and stuffed interior make freezing and reusing this toy a cinch. Just soak in water, place in the freezer, and remove once frozen.

Your pup will enjoy the soothing, icy relief and the crunchy texture that this frozen teething stick provides their achy gums. Fun streamers and ribbon ends add some fun and texture to gnaw on. This is not suitable for aggressive chewers.

2. Mini Dental Chew Puppy Starter Pack

This trio of dental chew toys is perfect for new pet parents. This 3 pack is designed to address a number of dental concerns so that your puppy stays happy and healthy!

The set comes with one Mini Orka Pinecone made from durable TPE rubber and knotted cotton streamers to help massage your puppy’s gums while they chew. This toy even bounces and floats for more ways to play!

A Mini Dental Rope made with a ridged rubber ring help remove soft tartar for clean teeth. It also includes a Mini Cool puppy chew toy that you can easily soak in water and freeze to create an icy, soothing toy for your teething puppy.

3. Bone Tugz

Your dog will love the floppy feel of these bone-inspired teething rings designed with 3 interlocking rubber bones that they chomp and play with. Pick up an end for a game of tug! The puppy rubber is softer than hard toys, making it easy on your dog’s baby teeth.

Puppy Lil’ Snoop: The Best Treat Stuffer for Puppies

The Snoop toy is essential for any road trip with a dog

The Planet Dog Petstages Snoop is made in the USA out of BPA, lead, and phthalate-free Orbee-Tuff TPE material. Infused with mint oil to keep your pup’s breath clean as they pounce and play!

Stuff with dog treats, peanut butter, kibble, or chicken flavor dental treats, and watch your dog sniff, paw, and play to retrieve the tasty rewards. To slow down speedy eaters, you can even add regular dog food to the Snoop during mealtimes.