Flirt Pole for Dogs: ‘This Toy Is an Absolute Godsend’

A flirt pole for dogs is exactly what it sounds like: a cat teaser wand, but bigger. 

Flirt pole dog toys really capitalize on a pup’s prey drive, encouraging them to chase the toy at the end of the lure as it swings around.

Flirt poles provide great exercise and can be used as a training tool to practice patience and impulse control. 

Read on to learn the origins of the flirt pole toy for dogs, how it’s used for dog training, exercise, and more!

flirt pole for dogs

Flirt Pole Toy Inspo: Lure Coursing

Flirt poles are inspired by the dog sport of lure coursing. A competitive sport for sighthound breeds, lure coursing is where dogs chase a mechanically-operated lure of up to 1,000 yards.

Flirt poles bring lure coursing mainstream right in your own backyard. Dogs of any size or breed can play with this fun toy at home.

Flirt Poles Burn Energy Like No Other Toy

High-energy dogs LOVE to chase flirt poles. Large dogs, small dogs, and dogs of any size or breed burn tons of energy with this interactive dog toy.

The toys at the end of the rope usually have a squeaker and mimic small animals, which triggers the dog’s natural prey drive. 

Some come with a felt dog tug toy, durable fabric strips and bungee cord (like the Squishy Face Studio flirt pole v2), or squeaky toy attached to the end of the lure. You even can DIY one with a rope toy and PVC pipe.

Outward Hound’s Tail Teaser flirt pole is lightweight and small enough for dog owners to have play sessions inside. It’s a durable nylon dog lure wand that comes with two faux fur plush toys that squeak and rattle to mimic the sound of prey and activate your dog’s natural hunting instincts.

Unofficial case study: Jack 

My pit bull-type dog, Jack, is crazy about his Tail Teaser. I received it as a gift — he received it as a gift one year and it quickly became his favorite toy.

That same year, I needed emergency surgery after breaking my tib/fib in three places. As a result, I was physically unable to give him proper exercise for several months. 

The Tail Teaser flirt pole was a godsend. 

It allowed me to give Jack the enrichment and exercise he needed during those months when I could not give him walks or take him to the park for a game of fetch. Plus, it tired him out really fast.

So, if you have a dog, find yourself with limited mobility one day, and have at least one good working arm, you too can give your pup the exercise he needs!

Jack in a post-flirt pole coma.

A heartwarming customer review

I’m not the only one who found serious value in this simple dog toy. Check out this customer review on Amazon from a disabled veteran:

“… As I haven’t had a puppy in 25 yrs, I completely underestimated how active one is and how inactive I am! I’m a disabled veteran and I try to exercise but still, my exercise is very low impact stuff and it just wasn’t enough for a growing dog and that led to problems.

I really wondered if I had gotten in over my head and even considered rehoming my baby, which was the last thing I wanted to do but for her sake and mine, I wondered if it wouldn’t be for the best. In kind of a last-ditch effort to keep us together, I contacted a dog trainer who specializes in cases similar to mine.

Along with some other ideas, she recommended this toy as something that would be low impact for me, high impact for my puppy, so I ordered one. My puppy loves it and I honestly cannot express the difference it’s made. Just playing with it for a few minutes, a couple times a day, this one toy has helped my puppy and me to start to have a balance for both of our needs.

Her behavior problems have become so much more manageable and our home has become so much happier that it’s hard to believe that a single toy could make such a difference. I’m not getting paid for this review, I didn’t receive anything free or discounted to write this but I can say in all honesty, whatever your dog toy budget is or if you know someone who is having similar issues, this toy is an absolute godsend. I never would have believed the difference it’s made if I hadn’t experienced it myself. But this thing really is a must-have for any dog owner, I can’t express that enough.”

Flirt Pole Rules and Safety

flirt pole for dogs best dog toys for boredom

You must use a flirt pole mindfully. While it is a great dog exercise toy for playtime, there are rules to follow, just like with tug of war.

Have your dog sit and wait before beginning the game. Once you give them the cue to release, play can begin! You are in control of when the game starts and stops. 

It’s important to not tug/pull back once your dog catches it in order to discourage pulling. Your dog must know how to “drop it” before using this kind of toy.

Watch this instructional video for a visual representation of how to use a lure with your dog appropriately.

Use it wisely

Flirt poles are not suitable for every dog, including:

  • Aggressive chewers. Flirt poles are not chew toys
  • Dogs with joint or mobility issues
  • Injured dogs
  • Dogs that do not yet know the cues sit, down, wait, take it, leave it, and drop it
  • Dogs that do not settle down after play due to over-stimulation

If your dog does yet know the aforementioned basic commands, work with a dog trainer to nail them down before introducing your dog to a flirt pole.