10 of the Best Dog Toys for Strong Chewers

Dogs have a reputation for chewing things. Sometimes it’s an approved chew toy. Sometimes it’s your couch cushions. 

There’s no doubt that dogs chew. But why do dogs chew, when, and what do they chew? Well, that can differ from dog to dog. I once had a roommate with a lab mix who was an aggressive chewer. His favorite chew toys were my shoes. Just one of a pair. How did he know which ones went together? 

Maybe you can relate. 

Other heavy chewers destroy chew toys in minutes. You may have seen some dog breeds blow through a nylabone in the blink of an eye or pups who can’t wait to tear the squeaker out of their new toy. It can be frustrating. As much as you love your pooch, you probably don’t want to give them a new toy every day, which is just wasteful and expensive.

Many dog owners can find it tough to find durable dog toys for those aggressive chewers. If you’re like many dog owners, you want to know which chew toys are the toughest. What’s the toughest chew toy, and is there such a thing as an indestructible chew toy?

Let’s start with why dogs need chew toys.

Why Do Dogs Chew?

Chewing is a natural instinct. In the wild, chewing on bones keeps your dog’s teeth clean and sharp. So for their dental needs, plush dog toys aren’t going to cut it. The bones help prevent tartar buildup and strengthen jaws. Durable dog toys like dental chews can play a similar role in keeping your dog’s teeth clean. 

Some dogs chew more than others and at different stages in their lives. Take teething puppies, for instance; that’s a prime chew time when a pup is looking to ease their gum pain. 

Teething puppies will often chew on anything that stays still. A durable rubber toy can help massage their gums, keep their teeth clean, and relieve boredom

If you have a teething puppy, you can encourage them to chew approved dog toys by offering them a few durable rubber chew toys. The right chew toy and interactive play can help prevent your puppy from chewing your shoes to pieces. 

Other dogs chew out of boredom. To keep your pooch from tearing into the couch with a mad desire to dominate that couch cushion, you’ll need to be proactive. You might need an extreme dog toy as well as playtime and exercise. From fetch to tug of war, your dog loves interactive playtime with you.

Depending on your dog, you might offer tough dog toys in different sizes. Does your doggo prefer squeaky toys, tug toys, or a rubber ball? 

Dogs explore the world with their mouths and noses. That’s why you’ll want to choose dog toys with pooch-pleasing scents too. The best dog toys will have the texture and smell that your dog loves.

10 Dog Toys For Strong Chewers

dog toys for strong chewers

Pooches are gonna chew. That’s their natural instinct. The question is, what type of chewing are they doing so you can determine the best dog chew toy for the situation?

Teething puppies often appreciate a small dog bone. Something they can really get their mouth on and chew for hours. 

Large dogs have large chompers. They usually need the most durable dog toys around. While there are no indestructible dog toys, there are extra strong rope toys or toys made of durable rubber. Sure, a chewy, peanut-butter-filled Kong or toy can be good for playtime, but you can also find a great dog ball and other dog toys to keep your pup interested.

Here are ten of the best dog toys for strong chewers for dental health and for play!

Dog Chew Toys for Dental Health

Clean teeth are an essential part of dog health, and one way your dog’s teeth can stay clean is through dental chews, rope toys, natural rubber chews, and dog bones meant for strong chewers. Even if you have a small dog who’s a less heavy chewer, these are great chew toys for dogs of all sizes that will last.

1. Dogwood

For the dog who loves gnawing on sticks. The Dogwood chew toys mimic wood by having a similar taste and texture. Yet, it’s safer than a stick because it won’t splinter and potentially hurt your pooch. These are durable chew toys and great for teething puppies and extreme chewers alike. 

2. Chick a Bone

chick a bone chicken bone alternative chew by petstages
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This is the next best thing to real chicken bones, which can splinter and pose a choking hazard. The Chick a Bone is a natural bone and synthetic blend that’s won’t split or splinter like real bones. It helps clean your dog’s teeth and comes in four sizes for different size dogs.  

3. NewHide

newhide rawhide alternative

All the textures that dogs love about rawhide but without the dangers. Unlike rawhide, which can swell in your pup’s gut and cause blockages, NewHide is a safer classic dog chew toy shaped like a bone. Good for extreme chewers, teething puppies, and really any pooch who likes to chew. NewHide comes in four sizes suitable for small dogs, large dogs, and any pup in between. 

4. Deerhorn by Petstages

deerhorn dog chew

Another durable chew toy, Deerhorn is made with the naturally shed antler material. It has the taste and smell of antlers but is less of a choking hazard than real antlers. This means dogs love the scent, and they’ll happily chew on it for hours. 

5. Flip & Chew Bone

The Flip Bone is one of the best chew toys for dogs

A chewy favorite among pups, the wishbone-like shaped Flip & Chew Bone is also reminiscent of wood but won’t splinter into dangerous fragments. Instead, your dog will happily chew and gnaw away. 

While these durable dog toys make for fun dog toys for clean teeth, nothing is indestructible. It’s a good idea to keep your dog supervised when chewing. 

Strong Chew Toys for Playtime

Your dog loves your attention and interactive playtime with you. Running, chasing, fetch, these dog toys will give your pup plenty of fun and something to chew on for solo play. 

6. Orbee-Tuff Bone

treat dispensing dog toy

Pups love these heavy-duty dog bones because they’re treat-dispensing! This treat toy is also a great interactive dog toy. You can throw it for your dog and see them bounce and float in water. Have your pup bring this dog bone back to you for you to throw again! 

7. Orka Tire

orka tire durable chew toy for dogs

Durable enough to stand up to large breeds and extreme chewers, the Orka Tire is made of very durable rubber. It’s treat-dispensing, so your pup can be quite happy chewing on the Orka rubber while munching dog treats.  

8. Diamond Plate Balls

dog toys for strong chewers

Aggressive chewers welcome here! The Diamond Plate balls are the ultimate dog toys for strong chewers. Plus, Diamond Plate balls bounce, float, and, yes, dispense treats with the best of them. You can also get it in bright orange, which makes it easy to spot no matter where you play.  

9. Planet Ball

dog with earth ball

The Planet Ball is a durable dog ball that is perfect for hours of interactive playtime. You can throw this rubber toy for hours of fetch fun. It’s about the size of a tennis ball and small dogs and large dogs alike love it. Dog parents love it even more for its longevity!

10. Zoom Flyer Disc

durable frisbee dog toys for strong chewers

Do you have a dog who loves catching a frisbee? The Zoom Flyer dog toy flies farther than a traditional frisbee and has softer edges so it’s gentle on your dog’s gums. There’s even a glow-in-the-dark disc for night-time fun.  

Always supervise

There are so many dog toys to choose from for your pup. From natural antler-type chew toys to a rubber ball to treat dispensing dog toys, you can try out several to see which your dog prefers. Even rope toys and squeakers are great for hours of interactive fun. 

One thing is for sure, all dog breeds chew. It’s the natural instinct of pooches. So while you can’t dissuade them from chewing, you can redirect your dog to appropriate dog toys.

As a dog owner, you get to choose their dog toys and encourage interactive play. Don’t let them pick out chew toys like your shoes or door frame. Save your shoes and offer your doggo a toy that is meant for chewing. 

The Planet Dog chew toys have durability because they’re made with a special type of rubber and are meant to stand up to dogs of different sizes. Orka toys are some of the toughest dog toys out there. However, no dog toys are indestructible. There’s always the chance that extreme chewers could break off a piece, and it could become a choking hazard. You’ll want to supervise your doggo while playing. 

That said, Outward Hound’s family of brands has some of the toughest toys around. Which one is your dog’s favorite new chew toy?

You can find these toys for tough chewers below on our website and on Amazon.

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