Do Dogs Get Tired of Barking?

Your dog barks and barks nonstop. Maybe he barks at passersby, other dogs, or people who come into your home. The delivery person or loud noises might set him off.

Unfortunately, this is driving you, and your loved ones, up a wall. Now, you’re wondering: how long can a dog bark? And, more importantly, is your doggy ever going to get tired of barking?  

You can learn more about this type of unwanted behavior, discover why your dog is barking so much in the first place, and address the problem.

Why Do Dogs Bark? 

dog barking

Dogs bark for a number of common reasons. Your pooch could be barking to:

  • Express an emotion
  • Show where his territory is (also called territorial barking)
  • Communicate with you and other humans
  • Communicate with other dogs
  • Get your attention
  • Respond to a noise outside (like fireworks, another barking dog, a truck going by)

Your dog’s excessive barking could be a result of one of these or come from behavioral issues such as:

  • Separation anxiety
  • Fear
  • Boredom
  • Stress

By figuring out the root of the problem, you can hopefully get your pack animal to stop barking excessively.

Do Dogs Get Tired of Barking?

Dogs do not get tired of barking. The act of barking actually makes your dog want to bark more. Barking is a self-reinforcing dog behavior, which means that the act of barking makes your best friend feel good. Other self-reinforcing behaviors, where the reward is the behavior itself, are chewing and chasing.

So, what’s the answer to how long can a dog bark? Dogs can bark for days on end if they feel they need to. How long the barking will last depends on your dog’s size, why he is barking, and the volume of his bark. Larger dogs can bark longer than smaller dogs; dogs that are barking at a lower volume will be able to bark for longer.

Do Certain Dog Breeds Bark More Than Others?

french bulldog

Certain dog breeds are known for barking more than others. For instance, Chihuahuas may have separation anxiety and are very protective of their owners. Beagles bark a lot when they’re bored, and Pomeranians bark when they feel like they are being threatened.

Some other doggy breeds that engage in excessive barking are French bulldogs, Boston terriers, Yorkshire terriers, German shepherds, and Saint Bernards.

How to Stop Excessive Barking

do dogs get tired of barking

No matter what your dog’s breed is, here are some ways to get him to stop barking.

Talk With the Professionals

Your barking dog is disturbing the peace of your home. Fortunately, there are different solutions to this issue.

First, you can consult with your veterinarian and make sure that your dog isn’t experiencing any health problems that are causing him to excessively bark. Another idea is to hire a dog trainer to help you. For instance, you might find out that your dog is engaging in attention-seeking behavior, and you and your dog trainer can work together to correct it with positive reinforcement, where you reward your dog for good behavior.

Address Your Dog’s Anxiety 

stressed dog

If you believe your dog has separation anxiety or gets easily stressed out or fearful, there are some steps you can take to make him feel better. Your veterinarian may recommend putting your dog on a prescription drug like Prozac for instance. You can also get your dog a Thundershirt to make him feel better when loud noises, like fireworks, are going on. The Thundershirt is available on Amazon and in pet stores.

Establishing a routine that includes mental stimulation is a good way for dog owners to calm their pups’ anxiety as well. Then, the dog knows when to expect attention and when to prepare to nap or play on his own or with another dog in the house.

Give Him Enough Playtime and Exercise

dog jumping up in air to catch ball

You should make sure your dog gets enough exercise per day and that you play with him as well. A tired dog is less likely to bark. Taking your dog out for a walk or a run or to the dog park will help him release his energy and calm down.

When you aren’t home, leave your dog’s favorite toys, like squeaky toys, Kongs, and enrichment puzzles around the house so he can entertain himself. You can find some great options on Outward Hound. 

For instance, the Hide A Toy Plush Puzzle Toy will encourage positive play and keep your dog engaged for hours on end. It will tap into your dog’s natural instincts; he won’t be able to resist these squeaky, plush toys.

Give Your Dog a Safe Space 

dog in crate covered with blanket

Giving your dog a bed – ideally in a crate – means he will have a place to go when he’s feeling stressed. This is a place of his own that’s cozy and comfortable. Also, if he has his own bed and crate to sleep in at night, he will likely get better sleep. He will be in a better mood because of this.

Outward Hound has cozy beds your pup will love, like the Original Calming Donut Lux Cat & Dog Bed. The round shape will encourage your dog to curl up and get nice and warm. It’s finished with vegan faux shag fur, which is reminiscent of a mother’s fur coat, and there are removable shells on the M-XL sizes that are machine washable (the entire small bed is machine washable).

Send Him to Doggy Daycare

If you go to work all day long and leave your dog alone, you can send him to doggy daycare instead. There, he will socialize with other dogs, play with the workers there, and hopefully not experience separation anxiety. Then, by the time you pick him up, he’ll be tired out and won’t bark so much anymore since he won’t be understimulated.

Should You Use a Bark Collar? 

are shock collars bad for dogs

Bark collars may spray citronella on your dog or buzz when your dog is barking. The theory is that by using negative reinforcement, your dog will learn not to bark so much.

While bark collars may provide short-term solutions, the truth of the matter is they don’t address the real problem behind the barking. It’s better to figure it out rather than buy a bark collar. Positive reinforcement is always more effective than negative reinforcement when it comes to dog training.

Getting Excessive Barking Under Control

With a few steps, you can absolutely figure out what’s causing your dog to bark so much. Then, your dog will likely bark less and give you some peace and quiet at last.