7 Best Toys for Akitas & Their Exercise Needs

You have a beautiful Akita dog. This dog breed, a Japanese breed that is the national treasure of Japan, is very popular in the United States as well. These gentle pups have a high level of energy and will need enough playtime and exercise every day. Akita owners should aim for about three 30-40 minute walks per day as well as a good amount of playtime, too. 

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You need to train them right away because they can become unmanageable rather quickly. This is especially true if you have an Akita puppy. You can combine playtime with dog training and positive reinforcement to address your Akita’s needs.

By learning about the best toys for Akitas, you can get products that are suited to your dog’s temperament and stage of life, and ensure that he’s going to be happy, get the exercise he needs, and undergo proper training. Here are some of the best toys you’ll want to check out.

Plush Toys 

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Akitas are known for being large dogs. The male can weigh up to 130 pounds, and the female can weigh up to 110 pounds. This means you’ll need to get high-quality toys that are suited for your dog’s size.

A large plush toy, especially one with a squeaker inside, will surely attract your Akita’s attention and keep him occupied. You can throw the plush toy back and forth and have him fetch it, or let him play with it on his own. 

Akita dogs were bred to guard, herd, and hunt, so getting a squeaky toy that will tap into those natural instincts is going to be ideal for your doggy.

One option you could try is Outward Hound’s Hedgehogz plushies, which come in medium, large, and XL and has grunting and squeaking noisemakers inside. It’s also made with minimal seams to reduce tearing and soft faux fur to mimic a natural feel. This soft toy is perfect for when your Akita needs something to get cuddly with during naptime as well.

As with any stuffed toys, make sure you supervise your dog when he plays with his Hedgehodz – which is sure to become his favorite toy in no time.

One note: Since Akitas have a hunting instinct and enjoy plush toys, make sure that you keep any stuffed animals you have away from them. Along with destroying the stuffed animals, your Akita could choke on the filling inside. Or, if he manages to swallow it, it could become stuck internally and cause blockages or lead to digestive issues.  

Chew Toys for Akitas

Akitas are not very good at being left alone, which means that yours might become destructive if he’s at home when you’re not there. One of these destructive behaviors could include chewing. If your Akita is an aggressive chewer, then you can get him a durable chew toy to keep him busy so that he won’t resort to bad behaviors.

Orka Mini Dental Dog Chew Toys are perfect for an Akita puppy. The cotton rope and streamers will help reduce soft tartar in your heavy chewer’s mouth, and the ridged TPE rubber design massages your pup’s gums, enhancing his dental health at the same time. Your dog is sure to love this chewy toy. 

For fully-grown Akitas, the Liver Branch occupies dogs as much as it satisfies their instinct to chew, and it has a real beef smell and flavor that dogs love.

Rope Toys 

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If your Akita is high energy, then invest in some rope toys for him. You can engage in tug of war with him during playtime as well as through the rope around the yard or house to get some of his energy out.

There are different kinds of rope toys available on Outward Hound or Amazon, or your local pet store. For instance, some are all-cotton, while others have a ball on them, some are plush ropes, and others are extra long.

If you have two dogs, they may play tug of war together and keep each other occupied for hours on end. Just make sure that you supervise your dogs’ playtime, as some Akitas tend to become aggressive with other pups.

Tennis Balls

squeaker tennis balls

As a dog owner, you’re always trying to make sure that toys are both fun and safe. Traditional tennis balls are not the best toys for Akitas or any type of dogs, because your dog could potentially choke on one if it comes apart. If your Akita is a heavy chewer, you have to be especially careful. 

Instead of taking any sort of risk, you can get a tennis ball specifically designed for dogs. It is going to be made of tougher material, like durable rubber, and stand up to pointy teeth. It’s also going to go farther and may even make a whistle sound to make your dog go wild.

While there is a stereotype that Akitas don’t like to play fetch, every dog is different. It just depends on their personality. You can certainly teach your Akita how to bring a doggy tennis ball back to you, especially if you use positive reinforcement as well as his favorite treats. 

Puzzle Toy

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Another toy that will occupy your Akita’s time is a puzzle toy, which will provide mental stimulation as well. You can get puzzle toys of various levels to make sure the challenges get harder and harder. Essentially, your Akita will have to solve the puzzles to gain access to his favorite treats.

Or, if your Akita eats too fast or is overweight, you could put his kibble in the hidden compartments to slow him down and make him work for the food.

Note that some Akitas become aggressive around their food, so talk to your veterinarian and/or dog trainer if you see this happening. Many issues can be worked out with positive reinforcement training. 

Finding the Right Toys for Your Akita

best toys for akitas

Akitas are lovely dogs that are full of energy. By finding your Akita the right toys, you can fulfill his playtime needs and keep him as healthy as possible.

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