The 4 Best Toys for Cats

Calling all cat lovers! What should you look for in the best toys for cats? It’s important for your kitty to have mental stimulation and soothing snuggle buddies in their cat toy arsenal. Let’s take a look at some of the best cat toys out there that will burn some energy while stimulating their curious kitty minds.

Add a little catnip to their play sessions and they’ll yeowww with pure delight!

Contrary to popular belief, cats aren’t just champion nappers. They also need to stretch their brains, pounce and play to prevent boredom.

Just like with dogs, you should provide your cat with a healthy amount of attention and stimulation in order to avoid bad behavior or an unhappy kitty. That’s where interactive cat toys come in.

Active toys like crinkle teaser wand toys or even laser pointers are important, as are calming toys. Scratchers and cuddly plush toys soothe and comfort your cat — giving them everything they need after a long day of playing! Let’s take a deeper look.

1. Must-Have Swat: Tower of Tracks

cat track toy

Crinkle balls or cat wands not your pet’s “thing?” Interactive cat toys such as Petstages’ Tower of Tracks are the perfect way for your curious kitty to get the mental and physical exercise they need.

Toys like this help cats stay healthy and engaged while channeling their natural hunting instincts. After all, as much as they would like to, your indoor cat can’t get to those chirping birds outside.

Watch your cat paw at the ball toys and try to dislodge them. But don’t worry, the balls won’t come loose! Track toys are even something you can engage in with your kitty, or that your kitty can share with other household kitties.

Not only is mental stimulation important, but interaction with others during playtime can boost your cat’s happiness level.

2. Must-Have Snuggle: Purr Pillow 

best toys for cats purr pillow

Does your cat like to cuddle soft and cozy things? The Purr Pillow is the toy for your snuggle bug. Its integrated touch-activated gentle purring noise will last for two minutes while your cat cuddles and purrs alongside the toy.

The soothing sound calms cats of all ages and can help reduce separation anxiety in nervous kitties. Napping with a Purr Pillow will have your kitty dreaming about pouncing on critters in no time.

3. Must-Have Stimulation: Rainy Day Puzzle & Play

Check out Petstages by Nina Ottosson Rainy Day Puzzle & Play

If your cat goes ga-ga for catnip toys, the Rainy Day Puzzle & Play is the most challenging of our cat games. It is a level 3 puzzle for expert smarty cats who live to mix playtime with brain time. Cats who need more of a challenge can spin the wheel to uncover hidden treat cups. 

This game also has 14 refillable treat compartments that hold up to 1/4 cup of food. Puzzles are great mental exercise for your kitty and won’t leave them hungry or bored! Especially if catnip is involved.

4. Easy Life Hammock Cat Scratcher

Check out Petstages' Easy Life Hammock Scratcher here.

Every cat needs a scratcher. The Easy Life Hammock is a dual lounger and scratcher. Cats stretch their paws to leave their scent (like dogs, they have scent glands in their paws) and they scratch to leave their mark — literally. 

Cats also scratch because they are expert stretchers, and when stretching, those claws come out. Another reason they scratch is to get rid of the dead outer layer on their claws – it’s kind of like a nail trim. Scratch at the right time and off comes the outer sheath. 

Bonus: If your little charmer has a habit of tearing up your furniture, a cat scratcher will redirect their destructive scratching to that designated scratching post.

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