How Do You Know Your Cat Loves You?

You sure do love your cat. She’s cute, she’s cuddly, and she loves to play. While you tell her, “I love you” all the time, you’re wondering: does she love you too? How do you know your cat loves you? Are cats capable of showing love? And, if so, what are the telltale signs of love?

By finding out more information, you’ll discover if your cat loves you as well as understand animal behavior much better.

Do Cats Feel Love?

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While cats may have a reputation for not caring about their owners, this is just a stereotype. Cats do feel love, and they have different ways of showing it.

Mike Delgado, who is a cat behavior expert, told Oprah Daily, “Cats can have a lot of the same emotions that we do, including liking to be around us and enjoying our presence… I believe they are capable of enjoying relationships with us and even loving us.”

How Do You Know Your Cat Loves You? 9 Signs.

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Here are some signs of love that your feline friend may display in day-to-day life.

1. She Purrs Around You

If your cat is purring around you, it means she’s enjoying something or she’s simply relaxed. She may sit on your chest and purr at you to show love, and your cat purrs when you’re petting her to communicate that she likes what you’re doing.

When she purrs, she’s basically telling you you’re one of her favorite humans.

2. She Meows When You’re Near 

Another one of the vocalizations your furry friend may make is meowing. Cats won’t meow at people they don’t like. When your cat is meowing at you – even if she wants something – it’s a way to show love.

3. She’s Doing the Slow Blink

Slowly blinking and staring at you, also known as a kitty kiss, is another sign of affection. While this kind of eye contact may be intense, and it could seem like she’s about to pounce on you, it’s just a way of her communicating love.

4. Her Tail Is Standing Straight Up

When your cat’s tail is straight up and the end is slightly tipped over, it’s your cat’s way of demonstrating her love for you. While a kitten will do this to her mother cat to show respect for her, an adult cat will keep on doing it with her cat owner.

5. She’s Bunting You 

Head-bunting (or headbutting) happens when your cat rubs her cheeks on an object or on you, rubs her head on you, or head-butts you with her forehead. Cats do this to mark their scent on you and claim you as their territory. This form of body language is just another sign that your cat loves you.

6. She Licks You

Licking is a form of grooming, and cats will lick themselves and each other to ensure they’re clean. Your cat might groom you by licking your skin or trying to nibble on your clothing. This is another form of marking and a way for your cat to say, “I love you.”

7. She Kneads You

Kneading happens when your cat pushes forward with her front paws and alternates between right and left. They do this during kittenhood when they’re nursing and continue it as adult cats as a sign of affection. Your cat will do it gently to you to show she loves you.

8. She Rubs You With Her Paws 

Cats have scent glands in their paws and cheeks, so when they rub you with both, they are marking you and trying to emit their pheromones on you. This is another sign of love.

9. She Shows You Her Belly or Butt

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When your cat shows you her belly or butt, it means that she trusts you. If she is very loving towards you, she may even let you rub her belly. However, even though it’s a sign of trust, keep in mind that she may not want that.

Is a Love Bite a Sign of Affection?

Your cat might gently nibble on your skin, especially when you’re petting her. While a love bite usually won’t break the skin, it’s also not a sign of affection. Instead, your cat is signaling to you that she wants you to stop petting her. Or, perhaps, you’ve touched a part of her that is uncomfortable or hurts. Your cat may also feel overstimulated.

After you’ve checked her out and made sure that she’s not in pain, you could give her a toy to play with to keep her occupied. You could also direct her to her own space so that she can relax for a bit on her own.

Making Your Cat Happy   

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Your cat will likely naturally love you, but there are also things you should do to keep her happy.

First, make sure she has a space where she can go when she needs to be alone. This space should house her food and water bowls, cat bed, and litter box, so she has everything she needs. Make sure her litter box is clean so she feels comfortable going to the bathroom in it.

Take your cat to the vet for a checkup as needed, and be in touch with her veterinarian if you notice any changes in her health. Ask your vet for recommendations for the best high-quality cat food so that she is physically healthy.

You can also purchase scratching posts and toys for your cat. You can get interactive toys so you two can play together and get her toys she can play with when you’re not at home or available.

One option is the Chase Meowtain Cat Track Toy, which has four tracks with colored balls that spin and roll as your cat paws and swipes at them. It has a non-stick base and a closed-top design so that your cat won’t get stuck while playing with it.

There’s also Outward Hound’s Fairy Flutter Teaser Wand Cat Toy. Your cat can chase and bat around this toy all day long. It makes a crinkle sound to ensure your cat stays engaged. Additionally, there is a fairy bobble filled with catnip to keep your cat interested.

Keeping the Love Going

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You and your cat love each other. Your cat will show it in different ways. By learning your cat’s body language, and how she demonstrates love, you can ensure you have a great relationship with one another.