Do Cats Need Chew Toys?

You know that dogs chew everything, especially when they’re puppies. That’s why they need dog toys and dog chews to address this issue. Otherwise, they might destroy your home.

But you’ve noticed that cats are different. While they may like to scratch and climb – and might make a mess in their litter box – it doesn’t seem like they like to chew as much as dogs do. However, it’s just anecdotal evidence you’ve seen in your time as a pet parent. Is it possible that cats actually need to chew toys too?

Before purchasing a cat chew toy, learn whether or not it’s necessary.

Do Cats Need Chew Toys?

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In general, cats do not need chew toys as dogs do, but it’s still a good idea to invest in some for your furry friend. There are many benefits that your cat will enjoy even if they’re not a big chewer.

For instance, chew toys can satisfy your cat’s natural instincts to search for and hunt down prey. This is enjoyable for your cat, especially if she doesn’t get to do that from day to day. Giving her a chew toy like catnip sticks is likely going to drive her wild and keep her occupied for a while.

Chew toys can also help teething kittens feel better and give them something healthy to chew on, as opposed to your valuables. Additionally, chew toys could improve your cat’s dental health by cleaning her teeth. They also provide your cat with playtime and exercise, which is crucial for indoor cats.

Whether you have a kitten who needs teething toys, an adult cat who would love some interactive play, or a senior cat that could use some assistance with her oral health, here are some top picks for types of cat chew toys you should look into purchasing.

Kitten Teething Toy

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Kittens who are between three and six months of age may start chewing on everything in your home as they are going through the teething process. If your kitty is acting a bit more irritable than usual, chewing on things, and pawing at her face, then she is probably teething. You can get her a kitten teething toy so that she will feel better and get some crucial playtime every day. 

Try purchasing some silvervine catnip sticks to encourage your cat to play and chew on something other than your stuff. Catnip sticks will help reduce tartar and plaque, too. Another option is a flavored stick chew toy like the wiggle worm, which will freshen your kitten’s breath and entertain your kitty.

Dental Toy

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It’s important to brush your cat’s teeth with a toothbrush three times a week at the very least, but really every day is ideal to ensure she has excellent oral hygiene. Just note that you should never floss your cat’s teeth because it’s a choking hazard. If your cat swallows floss it could experience intestinal damage.

Not everyone has time to brush their cat’s teeth so often, so in between brushings, you can give your cat a dental toy that will clean the plaque off her teeth and decrease her chances of having tartar buildup.

Some of the best chew toys for cats are ones that double as dental chews as well. You may even find a dental chew plush toy that will freshen your cat’s breath.

For instance, the Petstages Fresh Breath Mint Stick Dental Cat Toy is a dental chew toy made with mesh material that helps remove soft tartar and plaque from teeth. It will make sure your cat has clean teeth. Inside contains high-quality 100% natural dried mint that will make your cat’s breath smell better. To release more of the scent, all you have to do is roll the center of it prior to giving it back to your cat for gnawing and chewing.

Keep in mind that if your cat’s breath smells bad, that isn’t normal. It could be a sign that she has an infection in her mouth or somewhere else in her body. Ask your vet what can you do once you notice that her breath smells foul. 

Interactive Toys

When pet owners are looking for a cat chew toy on Amazon, a local pet store, or on Outward Hound, they should try to find one that is interactive. You could get a toy that squeaks or crinkles so that your cat will be tempted to play and cuddle with it. Plus, it’ll appeal to your cat because it will allow her to satisfy her natural hunting instincts.

A Catnip Toy

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A catnip-filled toy is always your feline friend’s favorite and one of the best chew toys for cats. They absolutely love this cat treat, which will make them go a bit wild and want to play for a long time. If you want to wear your cat out, find a catnip chew toy so your cat plays all day long.

Your cat will pounce on a good catnip cat toy. Try the Crunch Fish Cat Toy, which, like the dental sticks, is another Petstages creation. If your cat is a bunny kicker, then she will love this toy. She can wrestle and hug it, too. It’s made of durable polyester fabric to ensure it lasts for a long time, and it has crinkle materials so that your cat will be enticed to use it.

Other types of interactive cat toys may include feathers and strings to get your cat in the mood to play. It’s important to supervise your cat when she is playing with chew toys of any kind since no toy is indestructible.

Does My Cat Have Pica?

If your cat likes to nibble on nonedible items, she may have pica. Typically, cats who have pica try to eat fabrics, cardboard, plastic, and paper. She might also suck on wool. You may notice your cat has pica as early as three months of age. Some cats will grow out of it.

Pica can be dangerous if your cat accidentally ingests the material she is sucking or chewing on, so it’s important to talk to your vet about it ASAP.

Finding the Best Chew Toys for Cats

The best chew toys for cats range from chew sticks to interactive toys and toys filled with catnip. Try out a few to find out which ones entice your cat and encourage her to play and exercise. She will love chew toys and stay healthy at the same time.

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