Meet the Hero Dog Who’s Standing Up to Puppy Mills


Harley¬†started out his life in the worst of conditions. He was born into a puppy mill and lived every day inside a wire cage. He didn’t know the comforts that most dogs do. But Harley didn’t know any different. His job was to help make puppies, and that’s what he did until he was rescued 4 years ago.


When Harley was getting older, he had a terrible cough and his owners considered just throwing him away. Luckily, a woman who worked at the puppy mill took him away and turned him over to a rescue. At the rescue, Harley finally got the medical attention he needed.

Harley's-MomA NEW FAMILY

When Harley’s future family heard his story, they knew he was the right dog for them. They reached out to rescue and met little Harley for the first time. Harley’s new family loved him instantly, and he had finally found his forever home. The vet said that Harley wouldn’t live more than 3 months, but 4 years later he’s still loving life with his family.

 Harley-Puppy-MillHOW YOU CAN HELP

Harley says on his Facebook page, “If I had the power I would close down all commercial dog breeding facilities – puppy mills. But since I’m such a little dog, I cannot do it all by myself, I will start small and try to educate people. I am a big supporter of National Mill Dog Rescue. Please learn about them here:”

We wanted to help Harley get the word out and let you know how you can help too! Harley’s rescue-versary is this week and to celebrate he’s inviting people to send him a Birthday card with $1 inside. The money will be split evenly between the National Mill Dog Rescue and Because Of You Chihuahua Rescue. Send it straight to Harley and help put an end to puppy mills with this brave little dog!

Harley’s Address:
Harley Taylor
PO Box 64
Berthoud, CO 80513