Here’s How You Can Help Support Animals in Ukraine

As refugees, pets, shelter animals, and even zoo animals face war, displacement, and tragedy, the following groups and organizations are working tirelessly to keep them safe and fed.

We will update this list as more information becomes available.

Happy Paw

Click “see more” to view donation instructions in English.


UAnimals is an animal rights advocacy group currently working with shelters across Ukraine that are in dire need of food and supplies.


Sirius is one of the largest animal shelters in Ukraine.

Casa lui Patrocie

Cassa lui Patrocie is helping refugees and animals (regardless of their species) crossing the Romanian boarder. A Facebook post reads:

“We will use our best efforts to find accommodation, shelter, or veterinary care for the animals in need of support, and we repeat – regardless of their species (dogs, cats, horses, bulls, cattle, poultry).”


The NSPCA is donating R30 000 (about $2,000 US) to start relief efforts at animals shelters in Ukraine.

International Fund for Animal Welfare

“IFAW is providing emergency aid to Shelter Pif – located in Donetsk in eastern Ukraine, which is home to more than 800 dogs – and the Holivka Shelter, located in Gorlovka in eastern Ukraine with 300 dogs. The latter rescue was recently hit by shelling, resulting in the death of one animal. Despite the damage, staff have remained at the facility to continue caring for the animals.” – Plant Based News

European Association of Zoos and Aquaria (EAZA)

Ukraine’s zoo animals are stressed beyond belief in an environment suddenly swarmed with explosions, bangs, and sirens. EAZA is coordinating the collection of relief funds for their colleagues in Ukrainian zoos.