It wouldn’t be the holidays without adorable photos of dogs dressed up for Christmas

dogs dressed for holiday
pc: gretskis

From tinsel to lights these dog photos made everything merry & bright!

dogs dressed up for christmas
pc: pugdashians

In case you were in need of more holiday cheer, we pulled 25 of our favorite photos of dogs dressed up for Christmas!

#1. First, we’ll start with this handsome elf, who was very serious about his bow tie, and delivering gifts on time. If you love his hat has much as we do, you can shop it here!

dogs dressed up for christmas
pc: winston the dog

#2. Next, no hike is complete without a jingle bell dog collar– especially when Santa Claus could be coming to town.

dog christmas collars with bells
pc: pennyweiner

#3.  When Pickles the Pug to put everyone’s Christmas Card game to shame. Shop the Pink Holiday Hedgehog and these furry dog antlers here!

dogs dressed up for christmas
pc: @lil_pickles_da_pug

#4. Run, run as fast as you can! This dog is about to eat his new Gingerbread Man!

christmas toys for dogs
pc: @fallon.the.shiba

#5. Did someone order a Reindeer? 

dogs dressed up for christmas
pc: @dazeofdukeandsully

#6. Some of the best gifts, don’t come in packages- like this puppy in a Santa Hat!

dogs dressed up for christmas
pc: @howbearlives

#7.  It’s this guy’s winter wonderland, we’re just living in it.

christmas dog toys
pc: toby_littledude

#8. Annual photo with Santa.

dogs taking photo with santa
pc: hounds_with_different_agendas

#9. Nothing could get in the way of this dog delivering woofmas cheer- not even a little bit of snow!

dogs dressed up for christmas
pc: milothemarleydog

#10. Photo-op with a Penguin? Everything’s possible on Christmas!

penguin dog toys
pc: @gogogiggs

#11. That moment when mom got you and your brother matching Reindeer Antler Headbands.

dogs dressed up for christmas
pc: @ sherlock.n.watson

#12. There’s always somebody that drinks a little too much of the Holiday Eggnog.

dogs ruining christmas
pc: unknown

#13.  In case you were wondering where Santa’s cookies went, there’s a good chance this dog ate them.

santa hat and bell collar for dogs
pc: @cheymagoo

#14. That feeling when you got exactly what you asked Santa Paws for…

cute christmas dog photos
pc: @dublyndoodle

#15.  …and you love your new dog toy so much, you insist on taking a second photo with it.

christmas toys for dogs
pc: @dublyndoodle

#16. When this guy was caught in twinning Elf Hats with his Big Bro!

dogs wearing elf hats
pc: charlie.the.sunshine.dog

#17. Now, the only question is, which toy do you play with first?

dogs with presents under christmas tree
pc: abbeybellacavalier

#18.  When smizing is everything. Especially when you’re posing with your new holiday dog toy!

present dog toy for dogs
pc: 2husketeers

#19.  This dog dressed up for Christmas and was instantly mistaken for a present underneath the Christmas Tree!

dog sitting with presents under tree
pc: @corkeypom

#20. Also, this pre-party selfie with new Antler Headband.

dog wearing antler headband
pc: @_teddysetgo

#21. It looks like someone spotted Santa by the Christmas Tree!

dog dressed up as santa
pc: @grodie.odie

#22. This Elf that left the North Pole in search of warmer weather.

dog wearing elf hat for holiday
pc: @corgiarya

#23.  We can’t forget about these little Pugs who were snug as a bug in a rug…if a king size bed can be considered a rug?

dogs in bed
pc: pugdashians

#24. Then there was this dog who took Christmas Selfie to a whole new woofderful level.

dog wearing santa hat
pc: @lokiofmn

#25. And last, but certainly not least, who was caught waiting so patiently to open his presents!

dog wearing elf headband
pc: @its.momo.time

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