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8 Dog Tiktok Accounts To Follow

Check out our 8 favorite dog TikTok accounts

Needless to say, it has been a pretty interesting few months. COVID-19 has not only put most of us in quarantine, but it has also put a lot of us on TikTok. Are you one of the ones that joined the app you never thought you would during social isolation? Well, you are not alone! Even CNN reported on how it makes perfect sense for people to be drawn to TikTok during this time.

Before the onset of COVID-19, TikTok was a social media platform most popular amongst teens and young adults. However, as we have all been hunkered down and #boredinthehouse, or #inthehousebored, more and more people of all ages and backgrounds are scrolling through the app.

We love TikTok because it allows people to be creative and gets us all laughing and dancing during a strange time. Plus we have found some ADORABLE accounts for dog lovers to follow. Check out some of our favorite Dog TikTok accounts that are bound to bring a smile to your face!



What kind of pet do you have? ? Show me your high five by using ##GlobalHighFive! ##CalmCovid19 ##TogetherAtHome

♬ Laxed (Siren Beat) – Jawsh 685

We love Sushi The Dog for a few reasons. The first obviously being his adorable blue ears. He makes us laugh because he is a little mischievous and likes to play tricks on his humans. He even trapped his dad inside of a drinking glass once. If you check out this dog TikTok account we think you will enjoy it too!



Mommy broke my toy! ##foryou ##dogsoftiktok ##cute ##funny ##fyp ##foryoupage ##foryourpage ##puppy

♬ original sound – tuckerbudzyn

Tucker the Golden Retriever has the sweetest face ever! He and his Mama are quite the pair. Tucker normally has a lot to say in his TikTok videos. He loves to snack on chicken and you should see how sad he gets when his toys get destroyed!



So what are you doing during quarantine? ##corgi ##dog ##corgisoftiktok ##dogsoftiktok ##petsotiktok ##covid19 ##coronavirus ##puppy ##petlover

♬ I like sleep – adamosity1

Peach the Corgi is such a fun pup! Her big ears will make your heart melt. She is often snoozing or begging for pets and belly rubs. We get a kick out of her because she has unique fears of household items like bag clips and measuring tapes- it is hilarious!



What if all delivery workers looked like this?? ##fyp ##petvlog ##hoopsathome ##dog ##viral ##foryou

♬ Coffee for Your Head – Vinyll

Another dog TikTok account worth following is Coco & CiCi’s. These two Maltese dogs are a perfect duo. You will see them driving cars, cuddling in bed, and dressing up together. We love it when they stand on their hind legs- they are SO good at it!



3 generations of poolside energy ##petvlog ##hoopsathome

♬ Pump – Valentino Khan

This dog TikTok account follows 3 generations of the most adorable french bulldogs- Balou, Echo, and Aqua. You will most commonly find them lounging at the pool, maybe even on a floatie. We love their attitude and their outfits!



Reposting one of our favorite videos ❤️ ##dog ##samoyed ##cute ##foryou

♬ original sound – mayapolarbear

Maya the Polar Bear has the best floofy face! Her mom must brush her A LOT. Like many of us, she has been dealing with some of the pain points of working from home. In her free time, she enjoys baking and snacking. She is also always up for a TikTok challenge.



Which outfit is your favourite?? ? ##ootd ##dayattheoffice ##cutedog

♬ A WEEK – esterdobrik

Wally the Rescue is the most adorable 12-year-old rescue dog you will immediately fall in love with. He has a wild tongue that always seems to be hanging out of his mouth. Wally was abandoned when he was 9 years old. He is now 12 and since being rescued he is living his best life! He has great outfits too!



the story of the service dog that adopted the very sick foster kitten & became the best of friends … ##foryou ##fyp ##MakeMomSmile ##momsoftiktok ##cute

♬ original sound – goodgirlnadja

Good Girl Nadja is such a pretty dog! This is a dog TikTok account that is definitely worth a follow. Nadja is often with her foster fail kitty and best friend Tigger. They make the sweetest pair and are always together. Nadja loves to run down a hill whenever she sees one. We also love the funny looks she gives her mom.


We hope you find all of these dog TikTok accounts as heartwarming as we do. Maybe they will even inspire you and your pet to start creating just as fun of videos. If you are also a cat lover, you may want to check out #Quarantinecats- to see how your other furry friends have been practicing social distancing.

Written by: Stacey Tucker

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