Upgrade Your Holiday Game With Matching Dog & Owner Pajamas

matching dog & owner holiday dog pajamas
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The holiday season tends to bring out all the warm and fuzzies. What could be better than cozying up with your pup with a cup of hot cocoa and a holiday movie? Now imagine if you could do that exact with your pup wearing dog pajamas that match yours! That’s right! Matching dog & owner pajamas are here to make your pawlidays even brighter.

If you were looking to spice up your holiday greeting cards, or Instagram game, matching pajamas and dog onesies are here to save the day.

matching dog & owner pajamas
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Where can you buy pajamas for your dog might you ask? The Today Show recently shared an article with their tips on how and where you can purchase dog pajamas for you and your furry family this season.

There were too many options to choose a favorite, but if you need a mid-week pick-me-up, our friends at Pajamagram have some pretty cute photos of dogs wearing pajamas– just saying…

cute dogs wearing pajamas
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I mean, seriously! Talk about merry and bright!

holiday pajamas
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And don’t worry! If your family doesn’t celebrate Christmas, there are still other cute holiday pajamas you can choose from!

Check out these Hanukkah onesies!

Hanukkah dog pajamas
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We can’t forget about the cat! Leave no furry family member behind and get everyone dressed to impress with cat pajamas, too.

holiday cat pajamas
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There are more cute cat pj styles where that came from. Whether you’re dressing up the whole family, or just getting cozy with you and your furry friends, there’s no doubt that matching pj’s are going to make everything just a little bit better this season. Check out more cute photos of dogs wearing pajamas below!


#1 – Catherine Giudici & fam with matching pj’s 

dogs & owners matching photos
pc: Catherine Giudici Instagram

#2 – Santa’s Helpers

dog and owner pjs
pc: pajamagram

#3 – This penguin posse

dog and owners wearing matching pajamas
pc: pajamagram

#4 – This festive family

pajamas for people and dogs
pc: pinterest

#5 – Check out Calvin’s hops!

dogs wearing pajamas
pc: gotham magazine

#6 – Maria Shriver & her family wearing matching pj’s with their pups.

maria shriver matching pjs with dog
pc: patrickschwarzenegger

#7 – Twinning is winning!

dog wearing pajamas matching
pc: pinterest

#8 – This dog who joined the family to dress like an elf!

dog wearing clothes
pc: popsugar

#9 – This dog who opted for the matching bandanna

matching family pajamas
pc: popsugar

#10 – These pj’s inspired by their pup!

family wearing matching pjs with their dog
pc: the company store

#11 – This dog who is still unsure about the outfit choice.

dogs and matching pjs with owner
pc: the company store

#12 – Just giving his pooch a smooch

baby and puppy matching pajamas
pc: pinterest

#13 – This #tot duo

dog pjs
pc: pinterest

#14 – Borrowing some pants for the pic.

dogs and babies matching pajamas
pc: pinterest

#15 – Last, but not least: these cuddle buddies.

dogs wearing matching pajamas
pc: ohmydoggies instagram

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