Plug & Play Tease Wand

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We're teasing up meowtains of fun with the Petstages Plug & Play Tease Wand! Designed to push and twist into cats favorite scratch accessory, this cat wand will entice kitty to jump, pounce and chase in healthy, appropriate play.

  • PLUG & PLAY: Designed to take your cat scratchers to the next level! The Petstages Plug & Play Tease Wand cat be pushed and twisted into your cat's favorite scratch accessory for a new way to play!
  • BUILDING BONDS: Connect and strengthen the bond with your cat through interactive play! Use the handle to make the fleece lure dance back and forth to your cat's delight, encouraging pouncing, chasing and batting play.
  • BAT & POUNCE: Petstages Plug & Play Tease Wand cat toy is the purrfect way for your curious cat to get the mental and physical exercise they need to stay healthy and happy with chasing and batting fun. 
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