Mini Succulent 3pk

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Petstages Mini Succulent toys for cats will bring out the wild instincts of your cat while keeping boredom at bay through problem-solving opportunities and active play. These colorful and animated Mini Succulent cat toys engage kitty with furry feathers that encourage natural hunting behavior while durable material makes them fun for tough batting and swatting play. 

  • TOSS & BAT: Cats have a natural instinct to bat and pounce and the Petstages Mini Succulent cat toys are lightweight enough for kitties to bat and swat and perfect for tossing to encourage playful pouncing.
  • CONTAINS CATNIP: Excite, engage and help keep kitty’s interest with these 100% catnip-filled tosser toys! The perfect size for kitty to swat and bat while the catnip keeps them energized and entertained.
  • CRINKLE SOUND: Cats love crinkle! That’s why the Petstages Mini Succulent cat toys crinkle when it is squeezed and batted helping to keep your cat playing and engaged.
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