10 Easter Dogs Ready for Action

Easter is going to hop up before we know it! This is one big holiday where humans are excited to paint eggs, consume candy to excess and capitalize on wearing bunny ears and have it be societally acceptable. Howlever, humans aren’t the only ones getting ready. These fur friends are the most excited pups ever to be able to pawticipate Easter. Get ready to see 10 Easter dogs that will do this holiday better than the rest of us ever will.

1. “I’m so egg-cited, I just can’t hide it.”

easter dogs

pc: @bordernerd

2. I’ve found some bunny to love! There’s no bunny else like you!

easter dogs

pc: @chanceytheaussie

3. I didn’t find any eggs, but I found all of these weirdly shaped balls for you!

easter dogs

pc: easterpup

4. Boop. Eggs-cuse me. Easter Doggy here!

easter dogs

pc: goldiethepup

5. Chicks are all over me today. Happy Easter to all my Peeps!

easter dogs

pc: @emwng

6. “I’m eggs-hausted.”

easter dogs

pc: lifeofpiklet

7. What an egg-citing day! Have a hoppy Easter.

easter dogs

pc: luck_ofthe_irishsetter

8. A dog? You must be thinking of some bunny else…

easter dogs

pc: @rustyrodas

9. “Some bunny has been eating my Easter eggs.”

easter dogs

pc: graciethelabrador

10. Carrots? That’s rabbit food. Can I have a bone instead?

easter dogs

pc: boone.the.newfypoo

The best Easter includes bunny ears, eggs, friends, family and lots of dogs. Please keep your dog’s safety in mind and keep all candy and chocolate away. Easter typically leaves behind an abundance of chocolate rabbits and other treats which is incredibly dangerous to dogs. The FDA issued a reminder that chocolate contains a caffeine compound called theobromine, which is toxic to dogs in certain quantities. Just because they can’t have chocolate doesn’t mean they can’t be involved – check out our large selection of toys here. In particular, the Outward Hound Carrot Stuffer is a huge hit with dogs big and small! Keep an eye on your pups and have an egg-cellent Easter!

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From all of us at Outward Hound, have a very hoppy holiday!





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