Woofle Ballz

Pair with the Zipstick for high flyin' fetchin' fun!
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The perfect partner to the Outward Hound Zipstick, these Woofle Ballz can soar up to 100 feet with our ultimate ball launcher. Easy to pick up, squishes when chomped and designed to not restrict airflow, the Outward Hound Woofle Ballz are sure to be a favorite fetch toy for your active pup!

  • ZIPSTICK READY: Designed to be the perfect partner to the Outward Hound Zipstick, send these ballz soaring up to 100 feet with our ultimate ball launcher. More than one dog? The Zipstick can launch 3 Woofle Ballz at once!
  • CHOMP & CHASE: Our Woofle Ballz are made with a squishy, pliable texture that dogs love! Your playful pup will chase, chomp and squash this ballz with exciting fetching fun. 
  • BREATHE EASY: Designed with dogs in mind, our Woofle Ballz don't restrict airflow when your panting pup carries the ball back for another round of fetching fun.
  • SO LONG SLOBBER: No need to get your hands dirty with icky dog slobber when you pair your Woofle Ballz with an Outward Hound Zipstick. Designed to be scooped up, Woofle Ballz are easy to reload on the Zipstick launcher right where your pup drops it.
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