Cordiez Pheasant

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Silly sounds and tons of textures equal more fun with Outward Hound Cordiez. These fowl and fish inspired dog toys are made with a unique squawking squeaker that excites your dog with every chomping, flopping, shaking and tugging movement. Made with multiple textures to kept dogs' interested and soft, nubby material that flosses dogs' teeth while they romp, chomp and play! 

  • TONS OF TEXTURES: Durably constructed with corduroy textures that make play interesting, along with soft nubby material that flosses dogs' teeth, and a unique squawking squeaker, our Cordiez Pheasant makes for a great multi-sensory experience and fantastic fun for your pup!
  • FUN WITH FOWL:  With tons textures and a squawking squeaker that dogs love, the Outward Hound Cordiez is one pleasant Pheasant! Bound to be one of your pup's favorites for cuddling, fetching and tugging fun, without the frenzy of feathers.
  • SQUAWKIN' SQUEAKER: Made with a unique squawking squeaker that thrills and excites dogs with every chomp, shake and tug, these cuddly critters will make playtime fun for any size pup.
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