Peekin Pals

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The Peekin' Pals is a cat scratcher designed with features that work to engage and entertain your cat through natural behaviors like hunting, swatting, batting and scratching! This cat scratch toy is also Catnip Blasted for even more excitement.  

  • WHACK A MOUSE: Your kitty’s take on the famous arcade game, whack a mole, this interactive hunting log engages your cat with bouncing and bobbing mice perfect for your cat to bat, bop and hunt!
  • CATNIP BLASTED: Great for engaging your kitty, we’ve blasted this hunting log with catnip to capture kitty’s interest and keep them engaged while they play!
  •  SCRATCH & HUNT: Great for hunting and scratching, the Petstages Peekin’ Pals was made with holes to help your cat satisfy their hunting instincts and catnip blasted corrugate siding to encourage healthy scratching and grooming habits. 
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