Comet Fetch Ball

Spin and Throw By The Tail
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The Comet Fetch Ball boldly goes where no fetch toy has gone before. Designed to fly up to 100ft, this toy is sure to take your next game of fetch out of this world! Using a tennis ball and sleek windsock, the Comet Fetch Ball offers a unique flying pattern that’s sure to keep your dogs engaged.

  • FIREBALL: There’s no missing this ball as it flies through the air! Brightly colored and easy to spot, the Comet Fetch Ball keeps your attention in the air and is easy to find when it hits the ground keeping your game of fetch going without having to pause for lost balls.
  • EASY TO TOSS: An easy to hold shape makes launching this ball easy and fun. Whether you choose to throw from the tail or toss from the weighted front, the shape and size help to make fetch more fun for you and your pup.
  • FLIES UP TO 100 FEET: Great for long distances, the Outward Hound Comet Fetch Ball can be launched and thrown up to 100 feet helping to give your dog the exercise they need every time you play.
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