Four Wag Worthy Dog Chew Toys

Chomp, chomp, chew on something new this year! If your pup’s New Year’s Resolutions include not chewing on shoes and improving doggie dental health, then you’ll love these new dog chew toys. Your playful pup will happily chomp away on our new meaty-flavored and treat stuffing chews.

New dog chew toys for 2018
Featured Above: Petstages Carrot Stuffer

Perks For Pups With Dog Chew Toys

According to, dog chew toys are recommended for a proper oral hygiene. Dog chews can have multiple health benefits for pets of all ages including the prevention of plaque, tartar, and gum disease. Dog chew toys can also help prevent destructive chewing behavior. Dogs like to chew out of curiosity, stress, boredom or to stimulate teething. Keep your chomping chowhound out of mischief and their teeth shining with our 4 new dog chew toys of 2018!


NEW: Petstages Bacon Bone

New Petstages dog chew toys

Petstages Bacon Bone has the mouth-watering bacon flavor that dogs love. Designed with multiple chew layers that extend your dog’s chew time, this tasty toy helps keep your dog occupied and engaged with chewing. In addition to chewing fun, this bacon blasted dog toy will help clean your pup’s chompers as they chew.

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NEW: Petstages Bully Chew

Bully stick dog chew toy

Flavorful fun without the bully stick stink! Petstages Bully Chew is packed with real bully stick flavor to keep your chewer satisfied without the smell of traditional bully sticks. Additionally, the Bully Chew is made to last, unlike regular bully sticks that can be chewed up in minutes! Tasty flavor and layers of chewing fun will keep your dog chewing longer with this new and improved dog chew toy. Available in 3 sizes for pups of every size.

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NEW: Petstages Bacon Wishbone

new wishbone dog chew 2018

Built with chewers in mind, Petstages Bacon Wishbone’s three-prong design gives pups more chewing options while helping them better hold the bone with their paws. No bones about it, your pup will love the real bone marrow taste and bacon flavor of the Bacon Wishbone. Flavorful fun and easy hold shape, combined with the durability you depend on.

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NEW: Petstages Carrot Stuffer

Treat stuffing dog chew toy

Make snack time and chew time more fun with the new Petstages Carrot Stuffer. For a healthier snack, stuff each hole with carrots for a new way to play! If your dog isn’t a fan of carrots, this treat stuffing toy is great for other options like chew sticks and small training treats. The multiple textures on this dog chew toy keep your dog’s interest while massaging their gums as they work to release carrots or treats from inside.

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