Is your Instagram feed in desperate need of puppy love? Need some woof to break up your friends’ selfies? Want some inspiration for your own puppy pics? Love dogs? If you barked yes to any of these questions, then we have a list for you!

We’re featuring 10 of our favorite dog photographers on Instagram. Some are professionals and some are amateurs, but we guarantee that all of these pawtographers will have you double tappin’ in no time!

1. The Dogist

The Dogist is a photo-documentary series about the beauty of dogs. All the photos are shot by photographer Elias Weiss Friedman. The series is based in New York City, but Elias travels all over the U.S. to capture the pawsomeness of our furry friends.



2. Andrew Knapp & Momo

You’ve heard of Where’s Waldo? But how about Find Momo? Canadian photographer Andrew Knapp showcases his photography skills by having his (totes adorbs and very well-trained) border collie, Momo, hide in his shots. Can you find Momo in this picture?

dog photographers andrewknapp


3. Jeremy Veach & Norm

Norm was adopted by Seattle-based photographer Jeremy Veach. By creatively and hilariously documenting Norm’s life and adventures, Jeremy has turned Norm and his “pug shots” into an Instagram favorite.

dog photographers jermzlee


4. Theron Humphrey & Maddie

Named a 2012 Traveler of the Year by National Geographic, photographer and North Carolina native Theron Humphrey documents his travels around the U.S. with his trusty coonhound, Maddie, by his side. His latest adventure? A cross country journey on a motorcycle (with a side car for Maddie)!

dog photographers thiswildidea


5. Linna Xu, Mochi & Lily

Photographer/designer Linna Xu takes adorable pictures of her samoyed, Mochi, and her maltipoo, Lily. But that’s not all! She also takes great pictures of the furry friends (and their humans) that she meets along the way.

dog photographers themochimoch


6. Fetching Images

There’s nothing better than beautiful pictures of dogs being dogs! Fetching Images Photography features the lifestyle pet photos of South Carolina photographer Mel Hammonds. She photographs mostly dogs, but there are a few other friends in her feed, too.

dog photographers fetchingimages


7. Jutta Bauer, Edgar & Albert

German photographer Jutta Bauer takes fun and creative pictures of her two rescue pups, a Boxer-Pitbull mix named Edgar and a Golden Retriever named Albert. They live on a shipyard in northern Germany, so you can bet that her shots are nothing short of beautiful.

dog photographers ciscolo


8. Ricky di Cesidio & Haru

This pup has yet to find a puddle of water she doesn’t like! Italian designer Ricky di Cesidio takes you along for the ride as he documents his adventures across Italy with his water-loving Australian Shepherd, Haru.

dog photographers humative


9. Paws on the Run

Canadian photographer Wendy Devent loves all things pets and photography. From their beauty to their adorable antics to their just plain goofiness, Wendy’s photos capture everything we love about our canine companions.

dog photographers paws_on_the_run


10. Kensie Arnold & her 3 Musketeers

Kensie Arnold snaps fun and lovable photos of her 3 Musketeers: Annikan, an Irish Setter; Jimmy, a “Pound Puppy Mix;” and Bilbo, a Golden Retriever. Their adventures include tennis balls, flowers and bow ties, so you know they’re going to be adorable.

dog photographers my.3.musketeers


Reward these awesome pawtographers with a treat and give them a follow! Don’t forget to follow @outwardhound on Instagram for daily doses of puppy love, too!

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