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A place on the web for all things woof! Learn about the products we make, the dogs we ruv & the issues we care about!

What is Outward Hound?

We are just a bunch of people who love dogs as much as they love us. We’ve dedicated our lives to creating meaningful toy, game, gear and feeding innovations that will improve the lives of dogs and pet parents everywhere!

Didn’t you guys used to be called Kyjen or Plush Puppies or Dog Games? Didn’t Outward Hound used to be just dog gear? What the heck is going on here?

Yep, we used to be all those things! We celebrate a long history of creating award-winning innovations for dogs everywhere. But now we are simply Outward Hound—one brand with one vision to create meaningful product experiences that truly Raise The Woof!

That’s really cool. Can I help?

So glad you asked! Yes, we have a consumer-testing group called The WOOF Pack™. Members help inspire better products, earn awesome swag and make tails wag. Sign up on our homepage!

Where are your items made? Is this shtuff safe for my dog, or what?!

As dog lovers ourselves, we fully appreciate your concern for your pup’s health. Rest assured, we would NEVER take a product to market that we would not give to our own furry family members.


Our product development team rigorously tests products with our office dogs and thousands of members The Woof Pack™. Moreover, before any product we make goes into stores, it’s also been approved for safety by independent testing laboratories.


All of our products are designed in Colorado USA, and manufactured in China by people that we know and trust. All of our treat games and feeding products are made with food-grade ABS plastic that is BPA, PVC and Phthalate Free.


What the heck is ABS plastic?

ABS is a blend of several plastics. It’s the most common plastic we use in our toys, making up most of the components of our treat toys and feeding products—especially the food contact parts.


We specify food-grade ABS for all these toys. Specifying “food-grade” ABS means that samples are tested to confirm that no bad stuff got in the product. We have documents from independent testing laboratories showing that each specific ABS we use contains NO phthalates, NO BPA and no extractable metals (lead, mercury, arsenic, chromium…all the bad ones). Simply put, it’s as safe as can be for all our furry friends.


Not only is ABS safe for food contact, but it’s lightweight and tough. It holds up to being dropped, driven over and washed with harsh detergents. It’s just a very good all-around structural plastic for household products. Batting helmets and Lego bricks are also made with ABS.

I’ve heard that some dogs are allergic P-benzyl hydroquinone? Is that in your stuff? Are you sure this is safe?

Woah, that’s a mouthful! It’s true that something like 1% of dogs and people develop an allergy to the chemical compound p-benzyl hydroquinone, which is sometimes used in our products.


For the very small number of dogs that do develop an allergy, the effects are minimal. All that happens is the dog’s nose turns a little pink. Luckily, if you remove the source, the problem will clear up completely on its own.

How do I return a product to you guys?

Your satisfaction is important to us! If, for any reason, you are not satisfied within 30-days of website purchase, you may return an item for a full refund of the purchase price with order number. Before mailing an item back to us, please call or send an email discuss the issue. We will then issue you a return authorization. Returned items must be in re-sellable condition, and include all packaging. Unless you are explicitly instructed to do so, please do not return damaged or defective items. Erroneous shipments from and defective or damaged merchandise will be refunded with no additional costs or shipping fees. We may ask you to provide photographic proof of damage. Clearance and sale items are subject to availability for replacements.

Replacements require proof of purchase, and to be within 30 days of purchase. We offer one replacement per customer.
We are unable to offer replacements to international addresses (we encourage you to seek out assistance from the place of purchase)
We offer a one-time replacement for items with an MSRP of $9.99 or greater
For replacement, we require a receipt and a photo be provided to:

You may call customer service at 800-477-5735 (Toll Free, USA only) or 303-792-9600 during our normal business hours: 8am – 5pm (MST) Monday – Thursday, and 8am – 3pm (MST) on Fridays.a

Bark at us!

Can I get a replacement part for an item?

Occasionally, we are able to offer replacement parts for certain items. Bark at us to see at

What stores in my area carry Outward Hound® products? What about outside the U.S.?

We’re happy to say that our wooftastic products are sold all over the world! Most pet and pet specialty retail stores carry our toys, games, gear and feeding products. Looking for a specific item? Call ahead to make sure your preferred pet retailer carries it.

I’d like to purchase a gift card for a dog I know. Do you guys offer gift cards?

We love gift cards! You can purchase gift cards for our online store here.

This is probably the greatest FAQ I’ve ever read, but can I just talk to a person now?

Of course! We’d love to chat with you. Call us at (800) 477-5735, We’re in the office M-TR 8am-5pm (MST) and Friday 8am – 3pm (MST).

Do you offer free shipping for Wholesalers?

We do! When you a spend $100 or more we’ll give free ground shipping. Just enter coupon code SMFREE100 when you checkout.

I am a Wholesaler. How do I find my Resale Certificate?

Resale certificates differ from state to state. Follow the links below to learn about your specific requirements.





























New Hampshire*

New Jersey

New Mexico

New York

North Carolina

North Dakota





Rhode Island

South Carolina

South Dakota







West Virginia



*Tax-exempt states do not require a resale certificate. The business must still provide a business license or business registration of some type.

Your Pooch Pick-Up Bags used to contain cornstarch. What gives with these new versions?

We used to make our poop bags with cornstarch, but found that they just weren’t as durable as we’d like. That’s why we started making our Pooch-Pick-Up® bags with Symphony d2w® plastic. They’re just as durable as your typical plastic bag, but without all the “baggage.” Symphony’s controlled-life plastic technology allows our Pooch-Pick-Up bags to dissolve in open air in as little as twelve months, so they won’t end up becoming a permanent piece of litter.


I love your feeding and treat-dispensing products, but how in dog’s name am I supposed to clean this stuff??

All of our games and feeding products are top-rack dishwasher safe. If they get a little dirty, just pop ‘em in the washer. No dishwasher? No problem! Just hand wash with warm soapy water, rinse and dry!

My dogs love your toys a little too much! How should I go about cleaning their plush soft toys?

Our soft plush dog toys may be hand-washed and drip dried. Machine-washing these toys can destroy the squeakers and wear out the seams quickly, so a good hand wash is your best bet!

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