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August 12, 2015 | Author: Taylor Capek



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We’ve all been there. Franklin needs a Life Jacket for next weekend’s trip to the lake house, but we don’t know what size to order because he is long and skinny. Charlie needs a Backpack for morning hikes through the woods, but he is broad and barrel-chested, so how do we make sure we get a big enough size?

Fear not, pup parents! We’ve created an Outward Hound size chart infographic to help you measure your pup and ensure you get him the right gear to keep him safe, happy & having fun!




  1. Use tailor’s tape (as opposed to a heavy duty construction tape measure) for your measurements. Tailor’s tape is designed to measure circumferences, which is exactly what you’ll be doing when you measure your pup.
  2. Have a notepad handy, too, so you can write down your pup’s measurements and save them for later.
  3. Have your pup stand for all the measurements. It usually helps if you have a friend around to hold a treat above your dog’s nose. That way your pup will stand as tall as possible while you measure him.


The three common types of measurements are length, neck and girth. The length of your pup is the distance between the base of his neck and the base of his tail. The neck is the circumference of your pup’s neck at its widest point. The girth is the circumference of your pup’s chest. All of these measurements are discussed in detail in the infographic below.



The bottom of the Outward Hound size chart infographic features approximate sizing for Outward Hound products. Please note, though, that all dogs are different and that the sizes in our size chart may not accurately reflect your unique and wonderful pup. Keep in mind, though, that Outward Hound is happy to exchange any products ordered from our website!

As pup parents ourselves, we know how hard it can be to get the right sized products for our fur kids. We hope this helps you out, and invite you to always reach out to us with any questions!

  • Bob

    I own an English bulldog @ 42lbs. What size jacket would fit best?

    • Paul Banker

      Medium or large, but it will depend on your Bully’s girth. We would recommend large to be safe. Thanks for reaching out!

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  • Donna Sohngen Peterson

    I own a pug? What size do pug owners typically purchase?

    • Paul Banker

      Hi Donna – it really depends on your pug’s measurements. Once you have those measurements you should have a good idea from the chart. Bark to us at if we can be of assistance. Thanks!

      • Donna Sohngen Peterson

        Hi Paul, Her girth is 23″ which would indicate M, and her neck is 15.5″ which would be L. Not sure which size would be best for her. What would you suggest?
        Thank you :)

        • Paul Banker

          Hey Donna,

          You should be good with the Medium – girth/chest is most important.

          Use code Woof20 and you can save 20% on the order :)


  • CalNative

    I have a Vizsla (similar body as a GSP or a smaller Weim) He weighs 54#. I’m thinking a Large?

    • Paul Banker

      Hey there – have you measured your pup’s chest? That would be the best indicator. Thanks for reaching out!

  • Kari Post

    My dog is a boxer/rottie mix that can swim, but certainly struggles a bit to do so because he’s muscular, has a deep chest, and little body fat. I definitely want to get him a life vest so he is more comfortable in the water, but I’m concerned this particular design won’t fit him well because of his chest/waist ratio and the fact that he is right between sizes, and also that it won’t provide enough flotation.

    He has the following measurements:
    Weight: 56 lbs
    Neck: 16″
    Chest: 27.5″
    Waist: 20″
    Back: 21″

    He’s right between sizes. Measurements would suggest a large but I’m worried it will fit awkwardly. Thoughts?

    • Bianca Rossi

      Hi Kari, this is a great question! We would recommend you stick to our sizing chart, especially in terms of the girth of your dog. I personally love the Neoprene Life Jacket for tricky sizing, that way the shape of the vest can form more easily to fit your dog’s unique body size!

  • Ally Cimo

    hi I have 2 dogs that I am trying to fit for the life jackets but the measurements put them between two sizes. can you help me to figure out which sizes would be best.
    cocker spaniel
    weight 23
    neck 14.5
    girth 23
    length 15
    weight 38
    neck 16.5
    girth 24.5
    length 20.5

  • Scott Schofield

    We have two whippets. They weigh about 25lb, have a 20″ length and 11″ neck. Their chests are 23-24″ at max but quickly cut away to a 16″ waist. I’ve seen photos and it looks like the chest straps sit towards the back… M or S??

about the author
Taylor Capek

Taylor Capek

Taylor believes humans can learn everything we ever need to know from dogs. She is a loving pup parent to Cody, the too-smart-for-her-own-good German Shepherd.

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